Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Uraling in the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area

Tuesday, Oct 8

The Red Rock Canyon Conservation area is maintained by the BLM and they provide a campground near the canyon for visitors.

Not a bad campground, minimal space between sites, sparse vegetation, pit toilets, water and packed gravel for pads.  I paid $20 per night, and I now realize i overpaid by half as I now qualify under the Lifetime Pass issued to me recently by the NPS.  Oh well, live and learn.

Dawn provided a decent sunrise:

After a leisurely breakfast, I geared up and motored out of the campground on Scarlett to go check out the scenic loop within the Red Rock Canyon.  I flashed my Lifetime Pass and was waved through, saving $10 for a motorcycle rider.

It's a 13 mile loop, and the rock formations are fine I supposed.  Perhaps I'm getting a bit jaded once again with scenic overdoses; but I found this particular scenic loop just OK.  Still, there were some spots where the scenery was nice:

As you can see, the clear skies and sunny conditions contributed to pretty flat lighting.  I planned on returned later in the afternoon to see if the lighting would reveal richer colors but I mis-timed my departure and got no pictures.

Oh well, not a bad scenic loop, but I'm not sure I'll return.  Tomorrow, Wednesday the 9th, I hope to check out a Clark County Campground to the North of Las Vegas Metro.


SonjaM said...

This campground might look pretty crowded given your standards, by ours it would still be called empty. 20 bucks is around what you pay in average on a German, Spanish or Italian campground. Does sound a bit much if you just got basic facilities though.

redlegsrides said...

Yeah but I think what you’re really paying for is proximity to the canyon? It would have been $10/night had I thought to claim the NP lifetime pass discount....oh well