Friday, October 18, 2019

A Day of Cancellations for Martha

As we sipped our coffee in the pre-dawn hours, in preparation for a ride to Page, AZ's airport.  Martha got a text from the airline she was taking to Las Vegas at 8:30.  Flight cancelled, mechanical issues!

She was a bit upset but calmed down when we agreed that I'd drive the URRV to Las Vegas and drop her off at her hotel there near the Vegas Strip.

We then went off to catch the sunrise, on the wind-swept hill that is the Wahweap Overlook.  Some tour groups showed up but didn't last long and except for one (who moved when asked) didn't interfere with the shots:

We left the overlook and on the way back to the campsite found this nice spot:

We broke camp, said our goodbyes to the Gullicksons and the Machidas and headed West as they headed East and South respectively. 

Five hours or so later, we were fighting traffic near the Las Vegas Strip trying to find a way to Martha's Hotel: The Westin.  We lucked out and found an overnight parking spot behind the Ballys-Paris Casinos that allowed RVs but you weren't supposed to sleep in them.

As we made our way to the Westin, we were feeling pretty pumped as I would get to spend one more night with my loving wife.  

Nope.  Her reservation had been canceled by Westin due to blackout dates and the third party vendor, an outfit called hotelbeds had failed to notify us!  Martha called up Capital One Visa which she'd used to cash in miles for the hotel stay and lit into them.

Come to find out, Capital One had engaged the services of hotelbeds, an outfit which has a BBB rating of F and basically we were out of luck though we did get her points refunded.  So beware folks, check directly with your hotel, don't trust the travel service you use, especially Capital One; whose credit card we will be cancelling forthwith!

We jumped into the snarled mess that is Friday afternoon rush hour in Las Vegas and slowly made our way north to the Clark County Shooting Complex, scoring the next to last available RV spot.  Turns out there's a big shoot this weekend there and lots of folks were coming in for the event!

Tomorrow, Martha takes Lyft to her timeshare location which she'll be sharing with members of the neighborhood "coven".  They're all gathering to hear Lady GaGa perform Saturday night.  Hopefully, she won't be cancelled too!

I will be meandering my way towards the east, hoping to find a BLM spot to spend the weekend, then head home from there before the weather turns on Wednesday on this coming week.


SonjaM said...

Well, you guys worked your way around the cancellations. It's all about flexibility, isn't it? But a shooting complex for a camp spot? Wouldn't that be a bit loud?

redlegsrides said...

The occasional pop wasn’t annoying, the announcers on the PA in nearby ranges sounded like a low frequency vibration....until I realized what it was, that was annoying

RichardM said...

It was only one night that got cancelled. I thought that it was the whole weekend.

redlegsrides said...

One night? RichardM? You mean GaGa?