Sunday, October 27, 2019

A Red Sunrise and Uraling in the Red Desert

Oct 23

Today's sunrise was pretty good:

Wednesday, the 23rd of OCT,  I rode Scarlett to check out the Swing Arm City OHV area next door.

It was nothing but flat graveled/dirt area with lots of small ditches to cause one to rapidly slow down to avoid smashing the front wheel into said ditch!

Nothing to take pictures of, so I got back on Highway 24 and headed west for a few miles to the entrance to Cathedral Valley Road.

I decided to check out the side road I'd seen a group of hikers emerge out of the other day and also horse trailer pulling pick up trucks going in and out.

The "road" is called Red Desert Road and the area it allows access to is known on the maps as Red Desert.  Quite nice and scenic though I really didn't go too far in, perhaps just 3-5 miles at most.

 If I was naming this formation, I'd call it City Skyline perhaps

 Junction of Red Desert Rd and BLM Trail 0893

 How's Lighthouse Rock for a name for that rock formation?

 Do you see the thin sliver of a Moon?

 Scarlett and I crossed three of these metal grating bridges

 See the Buffalo Head?

Back at entrance for Cathedral Valley Road


RichardM said...

Nice! Was this in Utah or Colorado?

redlegsrides said...

Thanks, it was while still in Utah

CCjon said...

Nice shots today.

Are you using a GPS or paper maps to explore all these back country roads?

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon, sometimes I do a google recce to give me an idea what to expect, mostly I just see where a trail leads....GPS comes in to verify my location for names perhaps or just point me in right direction.....