Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Glamping at the Clark County Shooting Complex, NV

I rose early this morning in order to motor out with Scarlett and catch the sun's first light on the mountains within the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area that I thought would make a good background.

I broke camp at a leisurely pace and was on the road towards the north side of the Las Vegas Metro area, getting to the Clark County Shooting Complex by 11AM.  Got checked in and found my site with no issues, and being pleasantly surprised that it was a full hook up site for only $25/night!

and some different wildlife than usual:

Such a deal.

Of course, I ran the air conditioner even though it wasn't really that hot (mid-80s perhaps), got some hot water going for a shower, dumped tanks, refilled the fresh water tank and enjoyed the amenities.

I went for some groceries at the nearby Walmart and after returning from that, relaxed the afternoon away reading my e-book until it was time to go catch the sunset. 

This must the be cloudless evening season in Nevada and Utah because there's been a distinct lack of clouds in the evenings!

Note: It was very hazy and smoky, especially for the farther away objects such as the mountains below.  Post-processing tools such as dehazing and saturation boost brought out the colors though.


Later on after dark, I sat on top of Uma, the URRV and shot a set of night shots of the Las Vegas lights.

So, not much riding got done today, just rest and refit.  Tomorrow, I think I'll go back to the Dry Lake Bed BLM site.  It did get pretty windy as I sat here typing this, shaking the RV a bit with the gusts.  I hope it quiets down soon.


SonjaM said...

Thanks for getting up early, Dom. The colours seem much crisper than in the evenings.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, I think it’s crisper due to the haze not building up yet.....

Artie & Leinen's Grand Adventure said...

I really enjoyed your post until I saw the scorpion! Makes me nervous to walk the dogs out there. Beautiful night life lights, though. I wanted to go into LV last night just to drive around, but I got too lazy. Richard is going to make ribs and potato salad tonight. I'm catching up on housework and will hopefully do some reading or crocheting. We'll see you this evening when we do the handing off. No, Richard, not prisoner exchange. Geesh! It's your bride!

redlegsrides said...

See you tonight, no questions re rendezvous point?

CCjon said...

The sky doesn't have much to admire... but the landscape is gorgeous.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon, much post-processing was involved on those landscape shots