Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Hiking with friends in the Zion Canyon

Monday, Oct 14, 2019

After breakfast,  Richard and Bridget arrived from their campground in Virgin, UT to join Renee, CC aka John, Martha and I for some hiking within Zion Canyon.

We boarded the shuttle bus (not too crowded or long a line) and rode to the furthest stop along the bus route: The Narrows.  We got off and used the Riverside Walk Trail to get as close as we could to The Narrows without getting our feet wet.

 The closest we could get without wading into 
calf-high almost freezing water.
I believe that's The White Throne mountain in the back

Renee took this pic of us near the entrance
to The Narrows.
(Tried to touch up the mountain in the background, not very well)

 Fall Color in Zion Canyon

 Looking back towards The Narrows 

Different angle on same Fall Color

Getting back on the bus, we stopped at The Grottos, Stop #5, to get a better look at Angel's Landing where the most strenuous hike in the canyon takes you to the very top.  None of us elected to do this today.

We hiked down the Grottos Trail towards the Zion Lodge location and from there could access the trailheads for Angel's Landing and Emerald Pools.

Here's as close as my telephoto lens got me to a view of the people already on the top of Angel's Landing:

Here's part of the hiking gang: with Angel's Landing the background, at the start of the Angel's Landing and Emerald Pools trails.

 CC, RichardM, Martha and Bridget

Renee and Martha on the Angel's Landing Trail

The hike to the Lower Emerald Pool location seemed longer than the advertised .6 miles, perhaps we were all getting a bit tired.  Still, you get pretty good views of Zion Canyon and of course the some weeping walls and a small water fall or two.

 Looking south from the bridge near the trailhead 

 Happy looking hikers, right?

 Martha at the small waterfall by Lower Emerald Pool

 Renee at the water fall

 Bridget at the water fall

 Canyon walls and rock formations on the way back to Zion Lodge area

Looking north from the trail head bridge

This was, we all agreed, the last hike for the day, everyone had close to or more than 10,000 steps on their fitness counter app and we were ready to rest.

The bus ride back was more crowded than the outbound trip but not too bad.  I had to stand for a stop or two, then seats became available as folks bailed out at stops.

The Machidas returned to their campground to check on their pets and the rest of us ate, napped, puttered about our respective campsites.  I finally tackled the balky starter button after running a small errand with Renee in the sidecar.   The button wouldn't engage the starter (no contact) and I had to kick start Scarlett each time, no big deal and she started easily enough.

Renee and John graciously hosted dinner for us and it was quite yummy.  The evening was passed away sitting around a campfire  by  their RV.  A good day.


SonjaM said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics, Dom. Though it seemed a bit crowded Zion never loses its touch. 10,000 steps sound well enough, as long as you do them every day (which I honestly... don't do).

Spat said...

Zion is such a fabulous place, the pictures generated some fond memories. I've always had good rides there and always enjoyed that NP. The last time there our group did hike Angels Landing, some not very athletic or even in shape for this adventure but we all made it, except my wife Cookie. Now that she has had her knee replace she wants to go back and do it again (I'm not so eager to do it again), she has done it in the past. The hike is very cool and worth the effort. What I will advise, start very early as early as you can even before the advertised morning trail opening as it does get crowded, I'm glad we were on our way down as the day wore on. Next bring gloves save your hands because you'll have a death grip on anything you can at time, there are well used posts and chains in some places. The trail looks to go on and on, you'll get to a spot and think alright there's the top just to find out once there it reveals another steeper and gnarlier section. There is actually a landing the top does exist and you're there, what views. The Angles have wings and can take the easy way down, not us, quite worth the journey.
I would love to see your eye for photography from the top (hint, hint). Again enjoying your journey

Andy & Laura said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Your post brought back so many great memories for me & Andy as Zion was a favorite stop on our Honeymoon Tour of that region of the country. Happy to see that the park is still as spectacular as ever.

RichardM said...

Only 4,375 steps today. Slacking off...

redlegsrides said...

Felt like 8000! Then again,!i kept going off trail!

redlegsrides said...

Next time I’m here John, going to try it, got a still swollen ankle which hurts when I step on it wrong.

redlegsrides said...

You’re quite welcome SonjaM, as to daily 10,000 steps, not quite with me either!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Andy & Laura....didn't see your comment till today, sorry about that....