Thursday, October 24, 2019

Boondocking and Uraling near Factory Butte

3PM OCT 24: I am home!

I was able to stay in the area near Factory Butte, UT for about three days thanks to waiting out snowy weather in the I-70 passes in Colorado.

Oct 22

First full day in this area.  Not as windy as yesterday fortunately, so once the sun was out in force, I was able to get some riding in.

 The view to the east from the top of a nearby Mesa

 View to the west from same Mesa

Main objective today was to explore the area around the main terrain feature here:  Factory Butte.  A gorgeous rock formation that dominates the scenery around here.  

Apparently, though I couldn't find the entrances to the mine itself, there used to be coal mining near the butte.

Heading further north, one encounters a nice little valley with smaller buttes and rock formations; eventually you come across a small river that I elected not to try crossing.  I did go wading in it for a bit to cool off, nice and cold.

Returning closer to Factory Butte, there's a dirt road which takes you over to its northern side for a view of the rock from that angle:

Getting back on the area's main road, I found a small trail leading to Factory Butte's very small cousin:

On yet another trail further to the south off the main road, I was able to get closer to Factory Butte but as you can below, one has to get a proper sand dune vehicle to get closer.  I believe travel is proscribed but the evidence of tracks would tend to show others don't seem to think so.

Once back on the main road, the late afternoon sun finally lit up Factory Butte nicely:

A view of the campsite, with North Cainville Mesa on the left
and of course Factory Butte on the right.


RichardM said...

So, do you have snow in the Denver area or just in the passes?

redlegsrides said...

Both areas had snow RichardM but roads were only wet in parts on the passes and only in the grass in Denver area....the not for smoking grass, that is.

SonjaM said...

Yet another set of bloody brilliant pics, Dom. Thanks, I can't get enough of it.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM and you're welcome, this blm area is becoming a favorite as well

Diamond Dave said...

its a shame you couldn't visit the coal mine. I visited one as a possible career back in the late 70s. They showed us the "old ways" and then the "methods we use today". Both were terrifying. Noisy, scary and dangerous. I knew then that I needed to study harder to avoid life in the mines or steelworks or docks.

redlegsrides said...

Diamond Dave, yep, you made the right choice there.....the Welsh have a long history with coal mining don't they?

Diamond Dave said...

Back to the 14th century. There is even a working museum these days.