Friday, August 10, 2018

Sunsets of the week.

As it apparently has become a pattern, here's some sunset pics from August 5 through 9. 

Getting ready for another RV trip, this time to the land of Cheeseheads: Wisconsin to attend Martha's family reunion on the 18th.

In the interval between trips, there's chores around the house, stuff that needs fixing, paperwork to be done about insurance and auto loan matters, and simply relaxing a bit at home.

Here's some sunsets, I hope you like them.

August 5:

August 7:

August 9:


RichardM said...

Out of curiosity, which one is your favorite?

dom chang said...

Hmmmm, either the last one in the 5th or first one on the 9th.

SonjaM said...

Speaking of favs... mine is the burst of colours in #11.

dom chang said...

Thanks SonjaM....