Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Re-Posting: Colorado Day Video

I got a notice from youtube that there was copyrighted material in the video I'd uploaded on August 1.  So I had deleted it from youtube and deleted the associated blog posting here.

I sent email to UWP (Up with People), the folks who own the copyright and obtained permission to use the song.  So I am re-posting the video on youtube now that it's been modified with the crediting UWP requested.

For more information on the song's lyrics and from Up With People and their work:  LINK

My thanks to UWP for allowing me the use of this song.


RichardM said...

Google may still flag the video…

dom chang said...

Their software already did...but as long as I don’t mind the claimant (uwp) running ads via the video, no action required on my part. So I think it’s all good.