Wednesday, April 18, 2018

UTB:Exploring North Temple Wash

UTB: Utah Boondocking.

The winds finally died down overnight and I awoke to clear skies but still somewhat cool temperatures.  The day would eventually warm up to 57 degrees Fahrenheit but it felt much cooler than that in the evening when the breeze picked up a bit.

After work, I went over to the river carved road in the North Temple Wash area that I'd briefly visited yesterday.  This time, I got more pictures but still didn't get too far along the trail; the rest may have to wait till fellow Uralista Tim L. joins me here this Saturday.

 I find these stone stacks fascinating.

 Narrow passages carved out by flash floods over the ages

Returning to the campsite, I stopped once more to pose Scarlett with Wild Horse Butte in the background.

Not much else to report, the starter control assembly continues to be balky at times so I fear it may be time to replace it.  The starter button is linked to the BRS (big red switch) in a way I haven't figured out yet how to bypass.  I'm now pretty sure it's the starter switch, and not the BRS as I consistently hear the fuel pump cut in when engaging the BRS.

And you can't just buy replacement switches from Ural, you have to get the whole control assembly apparently.  I'm trying to find used ones that might be cheaper than the reported $103 for a new assembly.


Kari Kropf said...

Oh man, those roads (trails?) are enticing! I have a friend on FB that is also in Utah, Brice Canyon at the moment. I am loving all these Utah pics!

Charlie6 said...

Thanks Kari, Bryce Canyon is quite lovely as well though one can't really ride amongst the hoodoo areas. :)

SonjaM said...

Dom, you should sell the last pic to an RV rental company or to the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Trobairitz said...

Very cool last photo Dom!

Such great scenery all around you. The differences in light and shadow and details in the rock are so visually interesting.

Charlie6 said...

Thanks Trobairitz, I almost didn't use the last photo....go figure.