Friday, April 13, 2018

Boondocking in Rabbit Valley - Day 2

Friday the 13th.

No major incidents of bad luck, just one minor bending of the engine guard on Scarlett which I was able to unbend easily enough.  It did its job, sacrificing itself, to protect the engine's left cylinder!  I pretty much dug it into the side of a narrow trail....luckily it was soft dirt!

Other than that, the day went OK.  Work was work, not much one can do for that.  Soon enough though, in addition to a short ride during lunch, I explored the area around me.

Sunrise was "meh"

Nice set of trails easily doable by Scarlett, heck some of the trails I saw trucks pulling travel trailers down them.  I don't think I'd take Uma, the URRV, down some of the trails they did but then it was not my rig.

Even explored some of the narrower trails used for dirt bikes and mountain bikes.  A bit narrow in parts, which is why I bent the engine guard.

Below pics were taken near the "Trail through Time" hiking loop.  I chose not to hike it as it was crowded, even with the windy and cool conditions.  Instead I rode a dirt road nearby, making my way past small canyons and rock formations.

Then, while exploring more trails in the afternoon, I came upon the McDonald Creek Cultural Resources Area.  Near road conditions and nice rock formations looking like past river flows (where the trail is now) flowed eons ago.

At the above pic, a convoy of ten or so cars...some I wouldn't have driven down this trail, passed me by.  Must be a party down there tonight or this weekend!

Here's the reason I'd tried the narrower dirt bike trails.  Trying to get close to this lovely rock formation.  Alas, this is as close as I got.

Back at the campsite, I fixed the engine guard, tightened a loose fill nut on the transmission, checked all the other bolts and nuts in preparation for next week.

Then it was time to catch the sunset.  I didn't feel like riding the 4 miles to the same spot as last night's sunset; instead electing to capture the light reflected in the clouds.

I think I'll be staying one more night; this place is quite popular with the OHV crowd and I imagine if I displaced tomorrow, I'd have a hard time finding a nice spot at some other BLM site.  The folks in the area love their OHV and dirt bikes!

Just wished some of them knew to slow down when passing by someone, to cut down on the clouds of dust!  Bastiches.....


Kari Kropf said...

Beautiful colors. Love the rock formations. Looks like a lovely lonely spot yet you have trailers and cars going by. Nice spot as long as the parties stay far away.

RichardM said...

Adventure! Those look like pretty nice roads. Are there that many people around or is that just because the weekend is coming?

Charlie6 said...

I expect tomorrow will see the peaceful valley swarming with OHV and dirt bikes....I hope the place is big enough

Charlie6 said...

Thanks Kari, so glad I got a spot away from where most are congregating....I boondock for quiet and solitude. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.