Monday, April 16, 2018

Utah Boondocking - A Windy Day at South Temple Mountain Wash

Wow what a windy day today, so very windy.  Towards the end of the day, it was blowing so strongly I retracted the slideout to keep the URRV rocking to a minimum!

Work, work, work all day.  It was fine as the wind made riding a chore.  The one ride I did do was at lunch.  Rode the 20 miles to the nearest town of Hanksville to do some grocery shopping at their little grocery store.  Got gas while there and returned back to the campsite.

Fought the wind all the way to the town, barely making 45 mph on Scarlett....easily did 55 mph on the way back with the wind pushing me.

 Stopped along UT24 scenic overlook, with these rock formations
in the background and the stone pillars in the foreground.

As I returned to camp, I took a slight detour onto a top of a nearby hill where there's an overlook of the Temple Mountain Wash road as it cuts through the San Rafael Swell.

Little Gilson Butte on left, Gilson Butte on right

 Telephoto views of Temple Mountain

Towards Sunset, I went to the parking area near the base of Temple Mountain; not too many RVs there now.

 Temple Mountain during the "golden hour"

Not much of a sunset tonight, nothing like last nights.

Hoping for a light load at work tomorrow; got to clean/fix a balky starter switch on Scarlett and then explore the Temple Mountain Wash area a little more thoroughly.  There's basically no cellphone reception in the Wash so can't do work from within its confines.


RichardM said...

Nice golden hour photo!

Charlie6 said...

Thanks RichardM

Trobairitz said...

Hope your wind is dying down a little. Sure a pretty area with those rock formations.

SonjaM said...

Beautiful, Dom, and otherworldly. I just love Utah, the scenery never ceases to amaze me.

Charlie6 said...

Thanks Trobairitz and SonjaM for your comments. Utah is pretty amazing, the winds continue to blow pretty hard though not as bad as yesterdaty (barely)....tomorrow is supposed to be better.