Monday, April 23, 2018

UTB: Moab - Cotter Mine Road and a post dust storm sunset

Short post today, being a typical Monday spent it working on issues and having to scramble a bit in the afternoon to find Internet access.  The local cell tower I'd been using didn't have internet connectivity you see, I was getting 3 Bars of 4G LTE but when the cell tower can't connect to the Internet.....

During the morning break, rode over to check out the BLM camping area on Cotter Mine Road, across US 191 from just across the Archview RV Campground.

Nice road, I'd been on it before actually.

The campsite, one was nice, right next to Cotter Mine road but cellphone coverage was worse than on Willow Springs Road.  Basically 3 bars of extended 1x for Verizon users.

Further up the hill from this campsite, a nice view of the valley leading to Moab:

Headed back down the hill, I stopped to get this view of the rocky canyon walls:

After work, I rode in Tim L's jeep to the town of Moab for dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then some light food shopping.

Shortly after Tim dropping me off at my campsite, the weather became very overcast and windy.  Growing to a pretty fair sized dust storm in short order.  I even moved Scarlett to be in front of Uma, the URRV to shield her from the windborne sand.

So no Golden Hour tonight but in the last few minutes after sunset, there was some nice color in the sky.


Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I really miss the high desert. Driving through, hiking through....all happened years ago. High time to be riding through.

Call me envious and thanks for sharing my favorite place west of the plains!

Charlie6 said...

Thanks Coop....and you’re welcome