Sunday, April 15, 2018

Utah Boondocking - Temple Mountain Wash

I woke to a pretty nice set of colors at dawn, not great but not too shabby either.

After packing up camp, I drove from Rabbit Valley, CO to a BLM site called South Temple Mountain Wash.  A wash is, apparently, kind of like a canyon but subject to flash flooding.

I arrived around 11AM and found a spot at a large parking lot area dedicated for RV campers with a couple of pit toilet buildings.  After I setup and verified I had good cellphone signal via the WeBoost booster, I rode out to check out the area.  Note: cellphone coverage is rather sparse around here, so glad I had the weboost gear.

Turns out, just a little further along the road to Goblin Valley State Park, there were a couple of BLM sites set a bit from the road which were "mo better".  So I rushed back, packed everything up and displaced!  I am much happier with this spot:

 That big rock formation in the distance marks the location
of Goblin Valley State Park.

I went on a short hike towards rocky hills to the immediate west of my campsite; it was very hot and there was a lot of climbing on sand and rock surfaces.  The hills, I found out later, form part of the geologic formation known as the San Rafael Swell: LINK.

 If you look closely, you can see Uma the URRV,
this was from the furthest point I hiked to....

 I did mention it was hot right?  Here I am channeling
BobScoot....he would have loved this place.

 Couple more shots of the campsite, playing with the
telephoto lens 

After resting from the hiking, doing some laundry and other tasks, it was time to check out the actual Temple Mountain Wash:

 Temple Mountain

As sunset time approached, I thought I'd catch it by the state park.  It was less than seven miles away, and I got a close up look at Wild Horse Butte:

Pretty impressive rock formation eh?

Alas, sunset was not to be (or so I thought) and I didn't even wait for after sunset time before heading back to the campsite to start cooking dinner.

As I started cooking, I happened to look out the window and saw this:

I hurriedly turned down the stove and rushed out to get pictures of this sneaky sunset:

Sunset pictures done, it was back to cooking dinner.  Leftover prime rib with brussels sprouts and rice....yummy.

It's a tough life, this glamping.

Morning after note:  Woke up without aid of alarm I'd set on iphone.  Weird, found the iphone battery completely drained.  Didn't check when I went to bed.

Here's the weirder part, getting 2 bars signal without the aid of the WeBoost device!  Something changed from when I set up originally, to the better, but still.


Steve Williams said...

Beautiful light and landscapes. I have to admit that seeing your rigs out in the empty spaces churns a bit of desire on my part to have an RV that could be used for similar escapes. Alas, here in the East, there are no comparable sites. At least not with the magnificent isolation that you can avail yourself of.

Great photos.

Charlie6 said...

Thank you very much Steve, your words mean a lot. This isolation and scenery is something I find I crave more and more.....

VStar Lady said...

Beautiful pictures as usual ... but are you kidding me. You have more than 3 times better upload speed on the road than I do at home with so called high speed rural internet. something wrong with this picture.

Charlie6 said...

You must be in Hughesnet gen4? Thanks for the comments.

Kari Kropf said...

The internet speeds...better than what I have here in my living room. Yes, some of those sunsets can be sneaky. Pretty colors. Glad you caught it. 😊

Charlie6 said...

It’s pretty fast what 4G speeds can be at times, though I’m surprised your local provider isn’t faster.

Kari Kropf said...

You might not know, but we moved out of town, so are now stuck with limited rural options. We have centurylink which has a horrible reputation in our area, but fortunately for us we are across the road from their substation, and they had to upgrade this one recently, so we get the full download of 25 mb-whatever it is. Most people get around 3. It's enough for streaming movies, so I'm happy enough with it.

Anyway it seems like my phone rarely gets a signal when I get too far off the beaten path, and I think it only does 3G at the best of times.

Charlie6 said...

I didn’t know, Kari, that you and Ron had it’s more peaceful eh? as to centurylink, their reputation for Home data service isn’t great.