Wednesday, April 25, 2018

UTB: Moab - Kane Creek Road

UTB: Utah Boondocking

Sunrise shot:

Willow Springs BLM campsite

Today's ride was on Kane Creek Road, going to Hurrah Pass and Chicken Corner.

It was to prove, I'm told, a fun but challenging ride, for all concerned and some mechanical issues for one of the riders.

I had to bail out of the ride early on due to work issues and would not rejoin the group until after 5PM when I went looking for them as they'd not returned.

Turns out there were several mechanical issues, all dealt with, that caused delays.
All the rigs that went out, came back so we'll call it a successful ride.

 Rich working on his sidecar wheel
photo courtesy Tim Laughlin

 Nice silhouetting of the rigs atop a ridge
photo courtesy Tim Laughlin

 photo courtesy Tim Laughlin

 photo courtesy Tim Laughlin

 Russ negotiating one of many rock ledges
photo courtesy Tim Laughlin

 Casey M. conquering a rock obstacle
photo courtesy Tim Laughlin

Rich working on yet another mechanical
issue on his rig.
photo courtesy Tim Laughlin

As I missed out on Hurrah Pass (which is apparently pretty challenging, especially on the way back), I'm hoping Tim L. will have had a chance to take pictures of that portion of the ride.

When I did find the group, they were on their way back to Moab, and I rode for a bit with the last three rigs to make sure all was well.  I then told them to forge ahead and I was going to meander a bit for pictures.

Kane Creek Road is a beautifully scenic canyon road!  I'm definitely going to have to go back one day to do the whole thing.  There's also several RV campgrounds on the way to Hurrah Pass but no cell coverage that I could find.

Some of the scenery I saw coming back:

Once Tim L. has had a chance to process the pictures he took, I'll add them with his permission to this blog posting.  It's hard work for him, leading the ride, tracking riders AND taking pictures!


RichardM said...

Beautiful sunrise photo! And the nice roads in the canyons look pretty cool.

Another topic. Do you feel comfortable leaving the rig in a parking lot when going on short hikes?

Charlie6 said...

Thanks RichardM, I’ve left the rig several times in trailheads with no issue,,,,all the valuable items are either locked up in the trunk or in my hiking bag. I usually leave the boots under the sidecar and the riding gear in the tub under cover.

c p said...

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing the trip. We’re headed to that area next month and hope to enjoy these spots.

Charlie6 said...

Thanks CP, it should be a lot of fun.

SonjaM said...

Dom, your pics are leaving me speechless, it's getting better with every posting.

Charlie6 said...

Danke SonjaM!

Charlie6 said...

added some great photos from Tim Laughlin to the posting.