Monday, November 02, 2015

DST Sunrise, Denver Fall Color and Sunset

Yesterday, Sunday,  I woke up before the sun was even near the point of shedding any light on the eastern horizon.  Though my bedside clock read 5:30 AM, it was really 4:30 AM.  Yep, it was daylight savings time (DST) when we "fall back" one hour.

Since I was awake, Martha my loving wife sleepily suggested that I should go catch the sunrise.  It should be noted that she went back to sleep herself.

What the heck, I was awake, so after a cup of coffee and gearing up, Scarlett and I were off to see the sunrise.

The skies were just beginning to lighten up as I parked Scarlett in the usual spot for such events, along Quincy Road where one can see the eastern horizon plainly.

As the sun neared the horizon, the colors of the sky lightened into a cool set of reds, yellows, blues and orange which challenged my ability to capture them.

Note to self.  Don't mess with the ISO Auto setting, the camera knows best, really, in this situation.  I should have broken out the tripod instead of boosting the ISO as a lot of shots came out too noisy.

The next shot was one of the ones that came out very noisy due to a high ISO setting of 1600.  So instead, using online tools, I made into a water color "painting":

It was a pretty sunrise, and it was also quite balmy with temperatures in the high 40s, which forced me to remove an insulating layer halfway through the picture taking.

Later on in the morning ( I had hoped the bright sun I saw at dawn would be overhead, backlighting the leaves in the trees along 18th Avenue) under firmly overcast skies, I tried for shots of the Fall Foliage in a fancy neighborhood near the downtown area of Denver.

Note: Due to the overcast sky's lighting, there was some boosting of the colors and light via the usual online photo editing tools.

As I was exiting the neighborhood above, my eye caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a cow with wings...of course I had to turn around to get a better look!

Sorry, I've no idea what the story of this winged cow statue is....if you find out, please let me know.  I tried some brief googling, but no luck.

Got home before Noon, wrote this post up.

Daylight savings time fooled me once again in the evening, as I had planned on catching the sunset as well.  It was by the narrowest of margins that I managed to ride out of the house on Scarlett and catch the sunset colors!

Looking towards the NW

Scarlett looking West, for signs of snow

I hope your weekend was as nice as mine....


RichardM said...

Pretty nice sunrise photos. Sunrise is still easy to catch around here. Now it's at 8:45. Shouldn't need an alarm for that.

I thought that auto-ISO will keep increasing the ISO once a certain shutter speed is reached. Somewhere around 1/25th of a second. Then once an upper limit for ISO was reached the shutter speed will start to drop. I think that's what I remember but then again do I really know what I think I remember…

redlegsrides said...

From what I've noticed RichardM, the A5000 will try and stay close to ISO 100 when on auto, forcing the shutter speed to increase of course. Manually setting it, didn't turn out too well for me.

Unknown said...

I like that top pic, the one in which Scarlett’s lights are the most intense against the background.

Did you do any kicking—you know, with all of those leaves around? Fallen autumn leaves are always screaming for a good kickin’.

As for the mysterious, winged cow… Maybe it has something to do with that whole “and the cow jumped over the moon” nursery rhyme reference.

redlegsrides said...

Fall Color pics de-tweaked a bit, went overboard with the "pop" factor.

Ry Austin, thanks. No kicking of leaves, still working on picking up the ones in the yard....

Good though re the "cow jumped over the moon" criteria, but alas, no answers.

Joe said...

Fixing the noise effect on the 1600 ISO with the watercolor effect was brilliant! It's so easy to think, "I could do that!" but I know myself too well. Being a little envious of your ability to think of that fix and then to execute it reminds me of a sign that a little old lady had once on her table full of her craft items at a flea market. It read simply, "Sure you can make it yourself. But will you?"

- Joe at Scootin' da Valley

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Joe for the kind words. It was all a bit of luck, really. The online tools available these days make light of some photo mods.