Friday, November 20, 2015

R.I.P. James Petitti

The URAL sidecaring community lost a great man today, James Petitti, the guy who created Raceway Services/URAL in Salem, Oregon.

I saw the facebook posting by URAL and felt the need to write this posting.

I first met Jim back in April of 2013 as I was heading up to Alaska with Valencia, my 2011 URAL Patrol Sidecar.

I was experiencing clutch issues due to the failure of the rear main seal on the engine causing oil contamination of the clutch plates.

Jim's team jumped on my rig and got it squared away in an amazingly short time and had me on my way.

The original blog posting is here: LINK. but this is the picture I wanted to repost:

As Valencia was worked on tirelessly by his mechanics, Jim and I talked about his experiences in the motorcycling world and also in the world of racing.  He talked about his interactions with one of the other greats of motorcycling history: Burt Munro of "The Fastest Indian" fame.  Jim explained to me about pushing the envelope in terms of mechanical modifications when he used to be part of a racing team of what I recall to be small stock cars.  I am sure I have the designation wrong, but his expertise in such matters was extensive and to me, unquestioned.

Jim's shop, Raceway Services, remains a premier URAL dealer and I was lucky to have found them along the way to and from Alaska.

Though the shop is now owned by Frank, Jim's influence carries on I believe.  I am sure Jim's name will forever be associated with URAL and Raceway Services.

Rest in Piece Sir.

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