Monday, November 23, 2015

Views of Snowy Mount Evans

Mount Evans, is the tallest mountain amongs the range of mountains visible to us here in the Metro Denver area.  It towers over the other mountains due to its proximity to us and is a handy guide as to which direction is west when the skies here are clear.

Yesterday, Sunday, Scarlett and I motored out on mostly dry roads towards the ranching neighborhood where one usually finds good views of snow-clad terrain and on a clear day like today, nice views of Mount Evans.

 The "usual" view of Mount Evans from the Ireland Street Overpass
of the E-470 Tollway

We took Ireland Street through the Travois Neighborhood, enjoying the views of snow covered fields and houses whose roofs were still covered mostly with the recently fallen snow.  Soon, we were at the junction with Inspiration Drive and we headed north.

Recently, within the last couple of months anyways, they've made a somewhat radical change to what used to be arrow-straight Inspiration Drive.  Near some new housing developments, they blocked the direct way and instead force the traffic around a big roundabout.  At first I found this a bit irritating but today I realized this construction had also created a small, paved island, where one can pose one's rig with Mount Evans in the background.

Here's Scarlett sitting pretty on what is known now as Inspiration Place:

Leaving Inspiration Place, I went over to the ranching community for the usual shot of Mount Evans, using the telephoto lens to "bring in" Mount Evans.

Temperatures had started in the 40s at the beginning of the ride and had soared into the low 50s by now.  I had to remove a couple of layers and then proceeded on home for lunch.

Not a bad way to spend part of a quiet Sunday morning.


Unknown said...

Ha-haa, " had also created a small, paved island, where one can pose one's rig with Mount Evans in the background...". It sounds like they certainly had you in mind, Dom. So, is the island a permanent fixture?

redlegsrides said...

Ry, yep its permanent, it's almost like the owner of the house benefitted by this new island had influence with the road planning people.

Steve Williams said...

So how far away is Mount Evans in the picture? It appears like 15-20 miles but that's an Eastern eye at work...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and nice pictures too!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Steve, it's a bit over 55 miles as the crow flies according to a map tool I found online.