Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hoar Frost Scenes on a Gray Sunday

We had gray overcast skies hanging over us here in the Metro Denver area this Thanksgiving Weekend, with temperatures in the low to mid 20s farenheit, and with my FIL visiting from Arizona; it didn't make for long distance riding opportunities.

Today, Sunday, while my FIL and my loving wife Martha went to the Rec Center to exercise; I went out for a short spin in the same neighborhoods where I got the pictures for the Frosty Scenes posting previous to this one.

Temperatures were in the low 20s as Scarlett and I rode along all warm and snug in my riding gear.

To my delight, the cold temperatures had preserved some of the hoar frost on the trees in the area, though it wasn't as thick as before.

The solid gray skies overhead made me feel like we were riding inside a snow globe for which the contents haven't been shaken up.

Still, we meandered about on mostly snow-covered dirt roads and took in the sights:

In the neighborhood prior to the one I used for pics previously, the
view of the road ahead inspired a stop

The fellow above and his partner dog, were losing the minds running
back and forth along the fence line and barking while I took the picture.

Motoring just a few miles further east, I was once again in the ranching neighborhood that provides scenic spots for photos.  I started with a nicely laid out driveway which I'd been unable to photograph due to the sun's position on the previous occasion.  That's one thing about overcast skies, it makes picture taking simpler in terms of lights and shadows.

Next, just a short distance away, the copse of hoar frosted trees were still waiting for someone to come along and photograph them.

The last shot of frozen leaves, was taken at the spot above.  The rich brownish color encased in ice caught my eye, I hope you like it.

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RichardM said...

Nice frosty photos though the grey sky isn't as nice of a backdrop as the clear, dark blue skies you had before.

I like the encrusted brown leaves. A nice description of winter.

Trobairitz said...

Very crisp snow pictures.

Love the dog picture though, I am a sucker for a dog with floppy ears.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, thanks...the blue skies did a better job of highlighting the hoar frost I must admit.

Trobairitz, the dog and his little partner (moved too fast for me to get a picture) were waking up the surrounding the time I left, other dogs from far away had taken up the barking.

CCjon said...

Great photos of winter's blanket.

Dom, since we don't have such a thing down south, what is hoar frost?

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon, we don't usually get Hoar Frost either....hence my fortunate outing in time to capture the images.

As to your question, my delay in answering has surely caused you to google the answer?