Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Scarlett gets an updated EFI Mapping.

This past Saturday, I drove Scarlett, my 2014 URAL Patrol Sidecar Rig to Unique Rides.  Randy is the owner of Unique Rides and among the several different vehicles (scooters, Enfield motorcycles, trikes, ATVs and even amphibious tracked vehicles) that the sells; he's also the first of two URAL dealers here in Colorado.  In my opinion, he's the premier dealer in Colorado for URAL.

As always, I was warmly received by Randy himself and he had me drive Scarlett to the shop to get the new EFI: (Electronic Fuel Injection) mapping.

Scarlett had version URAL_XXOR_01.01 before Saturday.  While it performed pretty well from the non-offroad versions before it, it still exhibited some minor stumbling and popping noises when in first gear, and especially with a cold engine.  An annoying behavior which I'd sort of learned to live with.

After a bit of work, Randy got the new version: URAL_XXOR_01.02 downloaded into Scarlett's ECUs. (Electronic Control Units) and tweaked the balance of the throttle bodies just a tiny bit to make them match closer.

Here's what I wrote in an email to Randy and URAL's director of operations: Jason with a cc to Ilya, the boss man over at IMWA:

Mileage when installed: 26772 km

My engine was still warm from the ride to Unique Rides but it was noticeably smoother ( no pops or stumbles ) as I motored ever so slowly away from Randy's shop and towards the exit.

I rode it 10km out and 10km back, no issues, in fact it seems to pull a little harder than before but that could be just my mind playing tricks on me.

As I rode towards Loveland from Fort Collins, I encountered slow/go to stop/go traffic on I-25.  This was perfect in terms of seeing how the new offroad EFI map did with such conditions.  

I am happy to report that on flat ground, there was only smooth roll-on of power from a standing stop, barely even giving it any gas and none of the usual popping noises or slight stumbles.  It would just smoothly accelerate in first gear.  

The only time it would even give you a feeling it was going to stumble was on slightly inclined portions of the highway, from a standing stop I tried just easing out the clutch but found I had to give it a bit more gas as I was on an incline.  Even then, no pops or stumbles.

So far, very pleased with the performance of v1.02 of the offroad mapping, gentlemen!

After overnighting in Loveland, CO...where the temperatures were below freezing overnight for my rig as it sat in the hotel parking lot:

This morning, it was 32°in the parking lot of the hotel.

I put the rig in neutral and gave it 3-4 kicks with the ignition off to get the oil moving inside the engine after sitting out in the cold overnight.

I then thumbed the electric starter and it cranked for perhaps 3-4 secs before the engine caught.

Don't know if it was the cold resulting in the 20W50 oil being a bit sluggish or the new EFI mapping but yes, slightly harder to start this morning.

Still, it steadied up pretty quickly after some slight throttle on my part.

Behavior for rest of the ride was like yesterday.  Nice smooth roll on of power with throttle while in first gear.  No stumbles or pops.

The next day's email:

Temperature in garage: 57°F

Pressed the starter button, engine caught in less than one second of cranking.

No pops or stumbles as I headed out of the neighborhood.

Filled up the tank, will report on MPG once I have to refuel again.

I will update this blog posting with the MPG figure I get from this latest tank of gas.  

I am very pleased with this version of the OR or Off-Road EFI mapping, my thanks to URAL and Electrojet for continuing to pursue rider satisfaction in the behavior of their EFI rigs!

Somewhat related: I found out from URAL's Jason that the EFI rigs run a little hotter than the carbureted rigs.  To see temperatures up to 450 °F is OK, the idea is to not spend a lot of time in temperatures close to or above 465°F.

My 2014 rig runs with head temperatures ranging from the high 300s to about 415°F since I installed spark plug temperature sensors.

Update: 16NOV15:

The first tankfull of gas rendered an MPG result of 29.  This was a combination of city/hwy driving.

Pulled the spark plugs today:

 Left side spark plug

Right side spark plug

Both Randy (my URAL dealer) and Jason, URAL's Operations Director declared the plugs look good.

Update: 17NOV15:  MPG from last fuel up: 36 MPG.  Mo better.


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