Saturday, October 31, 2015

Overcast at the Pass

Sunny day here in the metro Denver area where temperatures would start in the mid to low 40s Fahrenheit at the start of the riding and soar to almost 69 degrees Fahrenheit by the afternoon.

Scarlett, my 2014 URAL Patrol Sidecar Rig and I motored through and away from the metro area using the I-70 and US40 slabs for the most part.  We couldn't maintain good speed on I-70 due to some strong headwinds coming from the west and so spent a good portion of time on US40, in third gear, trying to hold 40-45 mph due to the winds.

In fact, the electronic information signs on the highway displayed high wind warnings.

Soon enough though, we passed the small towns of Empire and Berthoud Falls, seeing the sky become thickly overcast as we gained altitude heading towards the summit of Berthoud Pass.

 Less than a mile from the pass summit, I stopped to get a picture of Scarlett
You can see the low cloud ceiling which obscured the tops of the mountains.

 Not much snow in the parking lot at the summit.

From the summit, looking west towards Winter Park

Road conditions were wet and with temperatures just below freezing, I took it nice and slow heading west towards Winter Park.  I was hoping for better conditions in the town of Fraser just north of Winter Park but it was not to be.

Though road conditions became quite dry the closer I got to Winter Park, the clouds got thicker and thicker as well.  At one point, I was chasing an open bit of sky where the sun could be seen shining but it closed up before I could get near it.  At that point, I was in the town of Tabernash which is north of Fraser.

Wandered about a bit but the low cloud ceiling precluded a shot of the mountain peaks that surround the Fraser Valley.

Near Tabernash, CO.

I could see the clouds would be hanging around for longer than I wanted to wait so I retraced my steps on US40, heading back towards Berthoud Pass.

Road conditions were a bit better as I transited the summit but the clouds were even lower than before so there was no stopping for more pictures as Scarlett and I descended down towards I-70.

Back in the metro Denver area, I went to the south end of Cherry Creek Park where one can get a good view of Mount Evans on a clear day, such as today.

Above, you can see the cloud layer that obscured mountain peaks along the Front Range.  You can also see the clear skies we enjoyed under a nice warm sun out in the front range itself.

I noticed, as I rode back towards home, that the Fall Colors are just starting to make an appearance for real in the metro Denver area.  Maybe, I'll go check out the Fall Colors closer to the downtown area tomorrow.

Got home, washed the magnesium chloride residue off of Scarlett and put her away clean and dry.  A bit over 200 miles covered today, we're having a pretty warm Fall season so far; the first snowfall for us here in the metro Denver area is overdue this year.


RichardM said...

The summit looks about the same as around here. Not much snow at all for this time of year...

SonjaM said...

While you are chasing the snow, we have been chasing the sun in the Black Forest. Yesterday was considerably warm. People were sitting outside in beer gardens and cafes, and lots of motorcycles were on the road. For most it was the last day of the riding season.

Trobairitz said...

Thanks for venturing the weather for such great photos.

It is one thing to be cold, but cold and windy? Ick blah.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Are you satisfied with your ability to get the chemicals mostly washed away? How about on your riding gear? Seems like the road film makes everything rather slimy here, machines are one thing but clothing seems especially troublesome.

redlegsrides said...


Easy enough to wash off the rig after riding, it's usually "warm enough " at home to get rid of the mag chloride. As to riding gear, it's black and washes easy enough as well.