Saturday, October 17, 2015

Scarlett has two new shoes.

Spent the morning replacing the worn out tire on the sidecar wheel with a new Heidenau K37.  Got a total of 10,949 Km on that tire, not too shabby since it did both SC duty and Pusher duty.

The old pusher tire still has some "meat" left on it so I'll keep it as the standby spare as I am not going to replace the new Duro 308 that's presently on the spare wheel today.

Replaced both pusher and SC tires at mileage: 25433.

Front tire still has over 1/4 thread on it, will leave it for now as it's not really great for traction as opposed to the pusher and SC tires when on slippery stuff like snow and such.

Couple of fellow Uralisti came by to kibitz, get a part that I no longer need and to borrow the use of the Harmonizer to check the balance of his M70's carburetors.  They were a tad "off" at idle but still within specs, he also borrowed the use of my timing light to check his timing, which was spot on.

Done by noon, would have been done sooner but there was a bit of BS'ing done while Steffen and Dan were around.  Go figure.  :)

Winter is Coming, Scarlett is ready.


RichardM said...

"Kibitz", that's what friends are for. If they don't do it, who will?

I'm pretty impressed at the live of the Heidenau tires. Not too good on wet pavement but good enough. Do you know if anyone has tried siping Ural tires? The K37 look like a great candidate.

redlegsrides said...

Siping the K37, intriguing but they make a snowtex version of K37 tire, supposed to be even better in really cold weather.

VStar Lady said...

Good days work Dom ... Is this low mileage a Ural thing? I am averaging over 25,000km per tire.

redlegsrides said...

VStar Lady, the pusher tire wears fast on sidecar rigs. 10k km is actually pretty good.