Friday, May 08, 2015

Visiting Old Time Friends in Pennsylvania

A double bonus kind of day it was, Wednesday of this week, for it was my fortune to not only finally meet moto-blogging/writing legend Jack Riepe in person; I also got to visit with Mike H., the best man at my wedding and long time friend.

In sequence then.

I drove from State College, PA and arrived around 2:00 PM to the small town of Macungie, PA where Mike and Terri live.  Mike teaches Math at Muhlenberg University along with being the Dean of Academic Life and Terri works in customer service at a local store.  I've had the privilege of knowing these two and later their great kids since the summer of 1981 when Mike and I attended ROTC Advanced Camp as cadets.

However, when I arrived at Mike and Terri's house, both were at work.  Leaving me time to meet with Jack Riepe at the Stoned Crab Saloon in Macungie.  We'd coordinated meeting there the day before you see, since it did save me a 6 hour round-trip to Tom's River, NJ which is Riepe's current lair.

You readers who know of Jack Riepe's exploits will not be surprised that I found Jack at the bar, chatting up the lady bartender.  Food and drinks were ordered along with stories from Jack and myself; mostly from Jack though as he's lived a more colorful life than me in some ways.

Jack, by the way, is the author of the great motorcycle story book: Conversations with a Motorcycle, which I reviewed here:  LINK.  He's also a regular column writer for the BMW Owner's Association and works in public relations.

Jack not only drove to Macungie, PA from Tom's River, NJ; saving me a six hour ride as mentioned before; but also bought me lunch and drinks!  What a guy.

Jack Riepe of Twisted Roads fame

The afternoon ended all too soon and then it was time for Jack to say goodbye before heading back to New Jersey.  However, first he met Scarlett, my 2014 URAL Patrol Sidecar Rig which I'd ridden to the Stoned Crab.

That's Jack's red truck in the background.  After Jack departed for NJ, I geared up and returned to Mike and Terri's place for a wonderful visit.  Had to do some work during said visit but we still had a great time catching up that evening.

courtesy of Mike's FB page

Bonus, their youngest daughter, Stephanie arrived at the house and I got to see how she's now a young lady with a job of her own.  I remembered her as a cute little waif, but then again, I remembered her older sister Kirsten (my god-daughter) and older brother Nick as little kids too.

 That's Terri in the back
Stephanie on her right, with Kirsten on her left.
In front are Nick's kids: Riley and Oliver

Oliver and Mike aka Opa

A day jam-packed with visits with friends, with a tiny bit of riding thrown was a great day.


RichardM said...

Nice visits though you just gloss over the visit to State College. How is Jack doing these days? Did you sell him on a sidecar?

redlegsrides said...

Senility, RichardM, senility....thought I published but missed it. Will fix that shortly.