Wednesday, May 06, 2015

A Short Visit with Family

After the Chicago gathering, the plan was to visit my Sister-in-Law and here family who lived south of Detroit, MI.

After saying my goodbyes to my co-workers and riding Scarlett back to Batavia to retrieve Milli the URV and the trailer, we then moved east on US94 towards Brownstown, Michigan.

The drive was quite boring and I found Michigan's roads to be in quite the bad condition.  The trailer made quite the racket as it encountered holes/patches and cracks on the highway and surface streets!

Hard to believe, but it was worse than the streets in Illinois!

Still I got to my sister-in-law's place with no real issues and got fed a late dinner and we stayed up late chatting and catching up with both her and her husband Andy along with my nephew Greg.

Monday was work most of the day though I did take a ride during lunch to introduce Laura, my SIL, to the joys of being a monkey in the sidecar.  We rode a short distance to the township of Grosse Ile which is an island on the Detroit River.

Canada is visible from the eastern shore of Grosse Ile and Laura told me that rum-runners used to sneak booze from Canada into the US along this part of the border!

Laura on her first as the monkey

Monday evening after a sumptuous dinner, I rode with Greg, their son to a violin/music recital.  Greg has grown to be taller than his father, I remember as a small boy, playing with my two sons.....

Last, in terms of High School.....who knows what the future holds

Andy, Greg and Laura

After the recital, Greg and I rode home in Scarlett once more.  It was lightly raining at times but no big deal.

Greg, my nephew, violin player and new monkey.


RichardM said...

Sounds like you had a good visit. And thank you for including the video. Is he planning to study music?

Trobairitz said...

Violin player and monkey? - now that is talent!

Andy & Laura said...

Thanks for making us a stop on your journey. We loved having you!

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, a short but nice visit. As to Greg's plans...not sure music is in the plans, more towards business and accounting I think.

Trobairitz, I have a rather talented nephew.

Andy and Laura, thanks again.....

SonjaM said...

A violin player in the monkey seat... are you thinking about having him do some background music for one of your vids?

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, hmmmm, background music.....must explore that concept. We briefly played with the idea of him playing as we rode along though.....