Thursday, May 28, 2015

Early Summer Sunset

Yesterday evening, after a day of warm temperatures and cloudy skies, it was time to capture my first sunset of the summer.

Scarlett and I motored out an hour before sunset and here's what we got as the best picture via the Sony A5000:

Sunset via Sony A5000, in Sunset Mode

Here's the best picture I got using the iphone while my Sony camera was tied up shooting the time-lapse video below:
Sunset via iPhone6

A few more pics taken during different points in the sunset:

Sony A5000 (sunset mode)


Sony A5000 (sunset mode)


RichardM said...

Nice photos though the Sony shots seemed to be framed better. I like the sun shining between the tug and the tub.

Steve Williams said...

No matter how many sunsets I experience I'm always ready for one more. Thinking about the sun, I wonder which holds more power for me and others -- sunrise or sunset? For me it's sunrise. I know a lot of people who almost never see the sun rise. Too bad.

I love your timelapse photography. Every time I see it I say to myself, "I have to try that." For some reason I don't...

Good stuff.

Trobairitz said...

Beautiful sunset with those ominous clouds.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Trobairitz

redlegsrides said...

Sorry for the delay in publishing your comments Folks, didn't get notifications from blogspot via email.

RichardM, thanks, different angles for both cameras.

Steve, thanks for your comments and thoughts. Sunrises are tougher to shoot in my opinion, and yeah, most folks remained trapped by their bed sheets.