Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Today was the day this nation pauses to remember and honor those that have fallen in the service of the country.

I was, rather late to arrive at Fort Logan National Cemetery, it was very crowded and Denver Police officers had to manage traffic at all the gates in order to keep things moving.

Still, the large number of folks gladdened my heart, for it is good to see my fellow Americans coming out to honor their military dead.  Sure, it's only a few days a year that our nation's cemeteries see crowds like these but at least, the people do show up.

The Nation that forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten.  Calvin Coolidge.

I visited briefly with the one resident of this hallowed ground with which I have a connection: SSGT Brian Joiner.  The son of a co-worker of mine from days past, he died while wearing our country's uniform.  His family grieves and remembers him every day, I visit him a couple of times a year.

The skies were filled with puffy clouds today, and it provided a nice background for the below view of the neat rows of grave stones which dot the cemetery.  Families visited with their loved ones interred at Fort Logan, and it was a beautiful day to enjoy it together.

I left Fort Logan National Cemetery, slowly making my way back to the exit amidst the large number of cars and visitors.  There was still a long line of cars queued up waiting for their chance to enter the cemetery; good to see such a turnout.

Making my way south, I stopped by the south side of the Cherry Creek Park to capture the below time-lapse of Mount Evans.  In the foreground are folks out walking their dog(s) in the nearby trails and you can get an idea of how busy a place it is by the number of cars which got pictured in the time-lapse.

Motoring further south, Scarlett and I got on the I-25 Super Slab, exiting at the Happy Canyon Road exit in order to capture this view of Pikes Peak with thick clouds moving past.

Just to give you an idea of far away Pikes Peak was from
where the video was shot.

The clouds of life, seemingly still in the sky and yet swiftly floating on by; remind me of the memories we make, the memories we honor, the friends and loved ones we were fortunate to have met along the way.

I hope you had the privilege to stop, reflect on someone you might have known, who along with thousands of others over the years, gave their all for this country of ours.


Artie & Leinen's Grand Adventure said...

Nice videos. I just posted on Richard's blog. I really enjoyed my trip in the side car. I'm ready for the summer trip.

VStar Lady said...

Lovely post Dom.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Bridget, looking forward to more postings from you both as you go on that long ride this summer.

VStar Lady, thanks very much.