Friday, May 15, 2015

Uraling in the Shenadoah National Park's Skyline Drive

Sunday morning and first half of the afternoon was spent in the company of Otto B., my friend of over three decades and fellow Army ROTC graduate.

Otto has recently retired as a full Colonel, and he was in town and staying at Lee S's place near Orlean, VA. The previous blog posting talks about this gathering and the main objective it held, a flyover by over 50 World War Two aircraft to conmemorate VE Day.

Otto, Scarlett and I rode out pretty early and some 40 miles later were motoring onto Skyline Drive.  The first stop showed promising views though we'd seen fog up higher.

 At the first stop as one enters the park from US211.  Skyline Drive itself
stretches for many miles to the south.  We would just ride a short portion 
north towards Front Royal, VA.

 Shortly after that first stop, the fog and clouds pretty much shut us down in
terms of being able to shoot the views of the valley below.  No real safe spots 
along the side of the road for "in the fog" pictures either.

So, since we were socked in with fog, we just rode past the remaining overlook sites hoping to see them later after lunch at Front Royal.  It was quite "brisk" while riding in the clouds/fog for both Otto and myself! We were both glad we'd both the liners for our respective jackets.

At one point in the drive north though, there finally came a spot where we'd outrun the clouds/fog and could get a nice view of the valley below.  

Otto and I decided to relax here a bit, warm up and have a cigar as I positioned my camera to do a time-lapse of the clouds as they rolled over the valley below.

 Otto and Scarlett

Front Royal proved to be a neat little town.  We had lunch at The Mill Restaurant and I am happy to report the food and service were great.

Riding back on Skyline Drive back towards US211, we took some shots from the overlook sites we'd bypassed before but the bugs were out now and the scenery, though quite nice, wasn't exactly conducive anymore to more picture taking shall we say.

We could see rain clouds inbound as we rode south.

We made it back to the town of Orlean with no rain hitting us, that evening was spent enjoying Lee's marvelous production of Lobster Fra Diavolo.  He had cooked as it was Mother's Day while Lynn took it easy, in the company of her son and daughter who came to visit.


RichardM said...

Beautiful riding area. And it looks like you had the road to yourselves.

VStar Lady said...

I don't know what it is about that area, but it's been foggy each time I've gone through too - beautiful though..."Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah Valley, country roads, take me home ...." Sorry the song always comes into my head when I see those mountains.

SonjaM said...

Lovely scenery, reminds me of a part of France that I have just been through...

Karen, how do I get this bloody song out of my head again?

SonjaM said...

The new captcha is weird. I had to select from a variety of food items, and could only pick the cake options.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, it was very nice....needed some snow-capped mountains in the distance but for that day, it was nice enough. was a really nice road, what we saw of it when not fogged in. was very bucolic scenery.

Gary France said...

Sometimes, the best part of riding is when the blue sky appears. It changes the mood, the ride, the smile on your face.....

redlegsrides said...

Gary, as much as I like foggy weather for pictures, it did feel much better out in the sunshine that day...