Thursday, May 21, 2015

20K Km Service for Scarlett

Started  yesterday on the myriad tasks involved with the 20,000 Kilometer Service Interval for my 2014 URAL Patrol Sidecar Rig, Scarlett.

Currently waiting on a replacement starter, the one that came with Scarlett has a broken spacer sleeve which causes it to "miss" engaging the flywheel's teeth sometimes; resulting in an awful metallic meshing noise.  URAL is replacing it with a new one, no fuss.  In the meantime, I kick start her as needed.  :)

You can see the spacer which failed, well, the remaining 
half of it anyways.  Not sure who manufactures the starters used
by URAL on their sidecar rigs.  I'll try and remember to look at the 
markings when I swap it out.


         Engine, transmission and final drive oils.  No big metal chunks on the drain plug magnets, just the usual swarf.

         Oil Filter

         Spark plugs and air filter.

         Fuel Filter

Injected fresh grease into main driveshaft U-Joint and sidecar U-joint.

Both the main drive splines, sidecar drive splines were greased less than 3000 km ago during the replacement of the clutch disks so skipped them.  Both had presented nice greasy coatings during the clutch replacement but were re-coated anyways.

Checked the valve clearances, all good except right side exhaust valve was a bit tight at .002 inches, loosened it to .004 inches.

Checked spokes, all wheels.

Checked the balance of the EFI throttle bodies using the Harmonizer tool.  All good!


RichardM said...

Do you use full synthetic, partial synthetic or regular oil? (Not trying to starting an oil battle just curious).

Isn't it nice when everything goes well?

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, I just use dino oil....