Saturday, January 04, 2014

Testing the Snow Chains

Another snow storm, and we woke to snow falling on the Denver Metro Area.  Accumulations would only be about 4 inches, tops, in my neighborhood area.

After a sumptuous lunch of chili, I installed the snow chains on Valencia's pusher tires and headed out to give them a slight workout.

The chains did fine on the unplowed neighborhood streets, I even made it a point to go on the deeper accumulations of snow and there was no drama, just steadfast traction.

The main roads were "kind of" plowed by then, and I had to keep my speeds under 20 mph to avoid damaging the snow chains where the pavement showed through the snow-packed streets.  I stopped numerous times to ensure the chains were tight and that I still had eight of them.  :)

It was quite enjoyable, as usual, watching folks reaction when they see a sidecar rig motoring by them as they cleared snow from their driveways.

 Near Timberline Elementary School, where both my sons went.

As you can see, the snow was not very deep.

On Berry Street, the main road leading out of my neighborhood.

Overcast skies and still falling snow made for rather monochromatic pictures, so the above pictures have been tweaked a bit for effect.  

I went about ten miles of wandering about in 20°F temperatures, wasn't ever cold as I had one my layers.  I even left the heated grips on their low setting.  The chains did great, no issues that I could see with clearing the drive components, a more careful examination to be done once all the snow melts from Valencia.

PS: As a slight poke to scooterinthesticks......Snow equals riding, assuming a sidecar rig is handy.

Update: 05JAN14, Sunday.

Miles and I rode over to the mall to get him some new jeans.  Here's Miles and Valencia once we returned after dodging all the idiots who had come out of the woodwork.


SonjaM said...

What a contrast to the ride Roland an I had today. It's still green in the Black Forest. People begin to wonder where the snow went. Maybe I should show them photos from the east coast of midwest of North America…

Keep on riding. I wonder where you will be headed this year. Any big trip planning on the horizon?

Charlie6 said...

No big trips planned so far'll be an interesting commute tomorrow, it's still quite snow-packed here in the Rockies.

Trobairitz said...

Beautiful pictures.

I bet you really enjoy the looks on their faces when they see you coming. Hopefully people were giving you the thumbs up, or at least bowing in awe of your fortitude.

Charlie6 said...

Previous version deleted due to typo.

Thanks Trobairitz....folks tend to stick their arm out their cage window with a thumbs up as they pass going the other way....little kids wave and point....couple of teenage girls just burst out's a mixed bag of reactions. :)

I prefer to think of it as being a "you'll never guess what I saw on the road on the way here" conversation starter.

As to fortitude, the right gear and vehicle makes all the difference. Now if only I could get rid of this cold that has me doing coughing fits inside my helmet!


Richard M said...

Chains on the pusher only? I was thinking of modifying some auto chains and making a few sets that'll fit the pusher. Fresh snow continues to make things difficult.

Charlie6 said...

RichardM, though I've chains for the sidecar tire as well, there's more "meat" on them remaining than there is on the pusher.

I was just making sure the chains stay in place for more than a mile or riding.

Today's riding didn't involve any chains, on top of perhaps another two inches of snow, and it was fine.

bluekat said...

Second post today I've lost to the internet today...must have got lost in all the cyber-snow. Oh well. Great pics. Ural and sidecar is definitely the way to do snow in style. Stay warm! :)

Charlie6 said...

Hi Bluekat and thanks for getting the comment issues with warmth today and it was only 10°F when Miles and I went riding.

Charlie6 said...

Update: added photo from today's ride to the mall.

VStar Lady said...

Look out snow-mobiles!