Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pre-Snow Sunset and Post-Snow Lunch Ride

Ah, Colorado.  Where the weather can change suddenly and temperature shifts involving changes of 20-40 degrees farenheit are not uncommon.

Yesterday, as I rode home on Brigitta, my '87 BMW R80 Airhead, the forecast of snow in the late evening was on my mind as temperatures held in the low 40s.

After running an errand to the post office after I got home, the setting sun painted the southwestern skies is vivid hues of orange fading later to pinks.  Though I hurried (should have skipped the errand) I only managed to catch the closing act of a truly gorgeous sunset.

Colorado Sunset, that's Scraggly Peak in the distance.

We woke to about four inches of snow, maybe a little more, in my neighborhood.  I wasn't worried as I had a fresh tire on the pusher wheel in preparation for the upcoming annual Elephant Ride.

I took this picture of the driveway as I backed Valencia
out of her spot, its about 4 inches deep.

Valencia had no issues with the snow as we motored out of the neighborhood.  The main roads were plowed so there was just snow/ice packed onto the road surface.  It made for some slick conditions at times but nothing major.  

Today, I had work planned at Encana's Denver area data center in the Tech Center.  It was a short commute, though Arapahoe Road remains a nerve-wracking experience when things are slick.  Still, managed to get to work with no issues.

A bit before Noon, I took Valencia out for a short ride to see the sights.  All the snow was gone from the roadways, and the melted stuff was evaporating in front of my eyes.  Very strange to me still, watching wet pavement steam away when temperatures are in the low teens.

I spotted a row of satellite dishes belonging to DirecTV so I stopped to pose Valencia:

As the sun was out, it didn't really feel cold at all.  I was of course all geared up but didn't have the layers I'd worn for the morning commute.  Got to love living here, snow in the morning, clear if wet roads in the afternoon.  


Richard M said...

Beautiful sunset! Sounds like Spring-like weather already. I guess you're not suffering from the Alaska weather on the east coast...

Charlie6 said...

It was cold here but with the sun out, not bad.

SonjaM said...

Great contrasts on the satellite dish pictures.

bob skoot said...


Looks like Spring is just "around" the corner. Great weather

It never seems so cold with the sun shining, even if the rays have no heat

Wished we could get direcTV here. We cannot subscribe up here

Riding the Wet Coast

Charlie6 said...

Thanks RichardM and SonjaM for the kind words.

Charlie6 said...

Its definitely spring-like weather Bob....still a bit chilly but doable.