Tuesday, January 07, 2014

First Sunset Post for 2014

After a snow-covered weekend, things are starting to clear up around the Denver Metro Area.  This morning's commute to downtown Denver showed me clear if wet main roads, with just patches of snow remaining here and there to keep on on their toes when walking.

My neighborhood streets remain snow-packed of course, so it'll be Valencia again tomorrow for the ride in to work.

I give you, my first sunset picture post for 2014.  I'm still getting over a cold so I'd not been out and about the last few days when it was late in the day.

A Colorado Winter Sunset

On a separate note:

Before, when I would find out about some new farkle or piece of riding gear that seemed like it would fit my riding habit, I would contact the seller and ask to review it on the blog.

In a turnaround of this process, I was recently approached by the folks at motorcyclehouse.com to do reviews of some of their offerings.  After several emails, due to logistics, the only items available for review at this time were their leather jackets and leather saddlebags and assorted leather goods.

Their main website at motorcyclehouse.com also offers many other items and I requested to be shipped a set of raingear and some electrically-heated gloves for review.

Logistically, they're out of stock on these items and so I must wait.  I explained to them that as I only wear my custom-made Motoport kevlar riding jacket and pants, I wasn't a suitable candidate for their leather riding jackets.  Also, their saddlebag offerings didn't have something suitable for Valencia, my 2011 URAL Patrol sidecar rig so that was out.

Still, it's a promising start I think.  More to follow once the items I requested arrive.


Richard M said...

Nice sunset! With it clearing up is there cold weather in the forecast?

I was also contacted by them (repeatedly) even when I mentioned that they didn't really carry anything I was interested in.

Trobairitz said...

Pretty sunset.......

Hope the gear review works out. I get emails from places now and then and just delete them. I can't be bothered to review the gear and they never usually have anything we'd buy. I can usually tell they don't read the blog too when they are offering leather gear to the vegan.

Charlie6 said...

RichardM and Trobairitz, yeah, I don't think I am going to pursue this type of reviewing.

As to the weather RichardM, it was "brisk" riding in this morning, low 20s farenheit....should have worn the long undies or the rain gear. By the end of the commute was starting to feel the cold seep in.

bob skoot said...


I also get review requests and they offer stuff to give away, same as you, jackets and sunglasses but I usually just ignore them.

I was going to do a Trobairitz post like she did a while back with these emails but never got around to it.

When you ride in the cold, once the cold seeps in it's hard to recover. Generally up here we can't ride when it gets near freezing due to ice on the roads. The dew condenses daily and freezes, not like your dry cold down there

Nice sunset. I am generally somewhere where I can't pull over

Riding the Wet Coast

SonjaM said...

One sunset is never like the previous, and beautiful they are. All of them, right? And a definite reason to stop for a picture. Thanks, Dom.

Charlie6 said...

Bobskoot and SonjaM, thanks.