Monday, January 06, 2014

Photo Insets - Denver's 16th Street

While nowhere near as cool or well done as the photos shown in this previous posting: LINK; or even as well done as the pictures show on; I give you my rendition of vintage photos of Denver's 16th Street.

Back in the day, it was apparently a main parade route for events and celebrations.  I found several photos in the Denver Public Library's archive; and using photoshop, merged them into photos I took just the other day of the same location (mostly).

I will show the original photo first, then the merged version.  I hope you enjoy them, I found them actually pretty easy to make.  The call number is listed below each pic as sourcing information.  Just use the archive link above or try the call number link below each photo.

16th Street and Tremont Place, 1979, 
before it was made into a mall.

16th Street looking north towards the Daniels and Fisher Tower

Armistice Parade, November 1918 

Decorated for Christmas 
Circa 1930-1940
16th and Arapahoe Street

Denver Police and Firemen's Parade
May 21, 1921

Policeman standing in Tramway Loading Zone, 1928
16th and California Street

16th street looking south from Stout Street 
Circa 1935-39

I know, not a single view of my motorcycles.....private vehicles are not permitted on the 16th Street Mall these days, just official vehicles and the buses.

Do you have a street similar to Denver's 16th Street in your town?  


bob skoot said...


Those are really neat. It must have been a project going downtown and having the archived photos in front of you as you tried to stand in the exact same position.

If you had both photos on different layers you could have lowered the opacity on both layers . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

Charlie6 said...

Bob. Thanks, I used differing opacity layers in pic #4..

Richard M said...

Pretty cool and nice matching at the edges. Is this your first post without a motorcycle?

Charlie6 said...

RichardM, nope, plenty of those type postings.....

Spat said...

The overlay is kinda cool I like seeing the traffic on 16th and I love the old picture of DT Denver. Show a shot of the real today mall, pedestrians and the mall crawl buses. As far as motorcycles, DPD motor cops ride and patrol 16th st regularly all year long.

Charlie6 said...

Thanks Spat, I thought about showing the original "present day" photos but they basically showed the trees that line the middle of 16th Street now. I've seen the patrolling cops on their Harleys.....they don't seem to be impeding the presence of the panhandlers, drifters, freaks and other low life activity that clutters the 16th street mall.