Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Book Review: Templar Codes

The book does contain a smidgen of motorcycle content.  It even has a mention of a URAL sidecar rig!

That being said, here's my review of my friend Lee Sweetapple's latest book:

The third book in a series featuring main character Jim Stillwater, action-oriented veteran of the US Intelligence community and his small but tightly knit community of friends who like Jim have been tested and proven in America's less publicized struggles with varied enemies.

As is his writing style, Lee Sweetapple moves the reader along at a fast pace, providing location details and references to keep the reader oriented. The story line took a few unexpected plot twists and turns which kept this reviewer guessing and very engaged. Some books, you can almost guess from the title and previous works how the story will go, this book will not disappoint in that manner!

In this book, long lost records created by the Knights Templar are recovered by Jim and his friends, initiating gun battles and successive attempts by rogue agents to steal said artifacts, artifacts which prove in the end to have impressive historical significance.

The story line takes the reader from the Mediterranean ocean through Europe ending in an explosive finale in Scotland. Folks who've traveled Europe will feel they're back as familiar locations are described and local cuisines consumed by Stillwater's team.

Plenty of action, enemies at every turn, and even a gourmand's appreciation of food to keep things moving along.  It's available in paperback and Kindle version.

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