Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dawn Patrol with Yoshie

This morning, headed away from home as usual in the pre-dawn darkness of 6:00AM.

Today, I was with Yoshie, my 2006 Suzuki V-Strom DL1000/Dauntless Sidecar Rig as she'd not been ridden in quite a while and she needed the exercise.

The roads were dry once I left my neighborhood, yesterday's snow remained on the roads there but everywhere else, it was gone.

I was meeting my co-workers at an Encana Storage Yard north of the metro area, near Fort Lupton, CO.  We were going to survey some mobile fueling sites with the new project leader and logistics kind of dictated everyone use their own vehicle to meet up there.

On the way, near the junction of Quebec and 136th Street, the colors of the breaking dawn were just too much to ignore, truly the tints and hues were eye-catching.  I had to stop to pose Yoshie for pictures.

At the beginning of the photo taking session, the foreground had 
to be heavily "dodged" to make Yoshie visible, sorry about the "noise".

2-3 minutes later, the skies were brighter and the clouds were 
being painted with rosy and slightly orange hues

This was looking towards the west, as you can see the mountains.
As the sun rose in the sky in the east, the hues went from light
pink to the deeper tints you see above.

I managed to miss my turn so I was five minutes late for the meeting.  No one seemed perturbed, I think the sight of me showing up on Yoshie distracted them.  :)


bob skoot said...


Think HDR or photo blending. Two different exposures, one for the sky and one for the darks.

You must have travelled on a faster road and needed the power

I liked the pinks in the sky

Riding the Wet Coast

Richard M said...

Our "pre-dawn darkness" is still a nice, sane 10am. Beautiful sunrise photos.

You weren't able to convert any of your colleagues to become sidecar owners, eh? I suspect that blog posts describing not only the accident but also the chain challenges may have hindered the sale of Yoshie...

Charlie6 said...

Hi Bob, tried to blend but couldn't get it to work in the short time I alloted to the task, hence the dodging. I might try later tonight. Thanks for the comments and yes, today speed was a required item.

Charlie6 said...

Yeah, those posts related to Vikki's issues (the chain debacle was with the first V-Strom) probably didn't help things huh? But then again, I'm all about putting everything up front and in the open.

bluekat said...

Gorgeous! I agree with Bob, blending is the way to go - when time allows :)

Good to see Yoshie out stretching her legs ... er, tires.