Thursday, November 05, 2009

Working from Sunrise to Sunset

Short post, just to show you the light conditions at work on Wednesdy of this week. It was a clear sky dawn for Colorado so not much in the way of colorful clouds or snow-capped mountains. The rising sun did paint the buildings in a nice golden color though:

A full work day, Wednesday, I didn't get to leave till 5:30 PM after having gotten there before 7 AM. A long day but got some stuff done. There was a gorgeous sunset as I was gearing up to go home:

The view from the third floor where I work

The above view was worth riding home in the dark, after having ridden to work in the pre-dawn twilight.


cpa3485 said...

Very nice pictures. I have noticed the last two mornings how the moon can be very visible in the western sky just after the sun rises. Because the sun is partly up, the moon is surrounded by blue sky and very pretty. We have had great weather here the last few days. The ride to work as been very enjoyable.

Gerry McDade said...

NO posts on Hubert Kriegel travel site in a
Do you have any ideal how his "followers", friends and family, etc. can determine his actual whereabouts and welfare in Russia? He last posted some remarks on Oct.26th, I think. Thanks, Gerry McDade (North Carolina)

Gerry McDade said...

NO recent posts on Hubert Kriegel's site; Do you have any ideal how his friends and family, and 'followers' can determine his whereabouts and welfare in Russia? His last posting was remarks made on Oct.29th, 2009, as he was leaving the Ural factory going east towards Siberia....usually he posts some remarks every 2 to 3 days...thanks, Gerry McDade (North Carolina)

Charlie6 said...

cpa3485, yes, very nice sunrises with the moon still hanging in the sky.

Gerry, no updates since 10/29, I assume you check the blog link? Of course, he's somewhere in Siberia so Internet access might be a bit "sparse".

bobskoot said...


Like cpa3485, yesterday the sun was just coming up and I noticed the moon through the leaves so I had to bring my camera out.

Lately I've been seeing some very nice sunrises with the red sun through the fog, but with no where to stop.

soon we will be going to and from work in the Dark just like you

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Richard Machida said...

Beautiful sky in sunset photo. Not only the color but the light "rays". Nice effect.

Charlie6 said...

bobskoot, isn't that almost always the case...beautiful light but no place to stop or too much "detracting scenery" to stop.

Richard, yeah, the rays coming off the setting sun were very cool...