Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Monday Sunrise

As I rode to work on Monday, dawn was breaking in the eastern skies and the oncoming light from the sun was bathing the front range mountains in a golden yellow light.

I rushed to find a good spot to park Natasha with Mount Evans in the background before I lost that golden light. I almost made it. The shot below was done after the peak lighting effect was past unfortunately.

This having to be at work by 7AM in order to be able to leave around 4PM may have some limited pluses after all.....I'll be looking for more nice sunrise pictures, now that I have a good spot to pose my motorcycle by....it's all about the timing isn't it?


Jeffry said...

You are someone that we can count on for great writing and fabulous pictures of your adventures. I feel like I am really getting to know the area as I follow your blog. I hope to get back there next summer.

Mike said...

Even though you missed the peak light, that's still a good shot. Looking forward to more sunrise shots!

bobskoot said...


I know what you mean about that Magic Light. Sometimes I notice stunning photos but I know you only have about 5 mins to get there. It's hard to get your timing right as work always gets in the way.
It's still a nice photo though

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Richard Machida said...

Great photo. Was that using a telephoto?

Bobskoot, you are absolutely right about work getting in the way.

Charlie6 said...

Jeffry, thanks for the kind words....

Mike, yeah, though the peak light made the mountains look like they were glowing....

bobskoot, thanks, sometimes I wish I had my wife's Nikon D50 with me instead of my 12 year old Olympus...but it still gets the job done.

richard, my olympus was at full 3x optical zoom....I then cropped just the mountains and the bike and resized accordingly....I am debating whether to buy the telephoto lens adapter for it which should give me 6x optical zoom or buy newer camera....something with a remote control perhaps.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

Now I am assuming it's a bit chilly in the morning, yet it doesn't seem likely you'll have the option of electric gear when riding this bike. What are you plans for the deep winter?

Have you heard anything more about the new alternator? I have read some other Ural riders complain about the brightness of the headlight. How did you get around that?

By the way, I thought there wascplenty of magic light left in the picture that you took.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Charlie6 said...

It's damn cold in the mornings! But I've ordered heated grips, couple them with my grip covers....I can ride with summer gloves on inside.

I use my "spare" small motorcycle battery as power source for electrics....trickle charge it at night, am good to go for my commutes.

Yeah, the stock headlight sucks....but since I can only run low beam right now due to TLES, am researching LED driving lights to supplement my light signature from the front. If I find some bright enough, I'll engage my headlight cutout to save on power draw.

Re an alternator....the denso's are still in the unobtanium category as far as the US is concerned. Rumors abound of folks working on alternator adapter kits to let you use automotive alternators instead. WE'll see, in the meantime, I'm TLES all the way....

I'll be writing soon about how I converted my brake lights to LED versions. Will drop my current draw when brake lights are on from 42W or 3.5 amps to less a couple of hundred milliamps! Turn signals will be next.....

bobskoot said...


I always try to purchase cameras with remote control. IR is only good for about 12-15 feet, which is what I have on my D80. For my G10 I purchased a radio Slave good for around 300 ft for my self portraits. I wrote about it here


My vote is for you to purchase a newer camera. New technology and most likely better images. Anytime you put "glass" in front of the lens you further degrade your image.

Unfortunately this is going to come out of your "Natasha Ural LED upgrade and alternator fund"

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Charlie6 said...


I will defer to your vast experience as a photographer and hobbyist and start looking for a new camera AND get a set of those Freewire remotes....this could get expensive.

However, I've been wanting to be able to add "action" shots of my bikes as I negotiate some terrain or just ride by in front of the camera with some nice view in the background....so the Freewire would be just the ticket.

Do you know of any non-DSLR cameras which retain all the "manual" features and actually trip the shutter when you press the button, without some delay while it "processes" the scene?

irondad said...

Now that I'm getting serious about having fun with photography, I'm noticing lighting a lot more. It's amazing how the "right" light comes and goes so fast.

Are we sort of like "lighting opportunity" predators? You know, lying in wait for the prey to appear?

bobskoot said...


It's easier to reply here. I love the G10 and I purchased that wireless radio slave for it for only US$30.00 on ebay from seller D-slr-a. Theoretically it will work up to 100m, which is 300ft. As far as I know the G10 is the lowest model that had the plug on the camera. That's how I manage to get into group photos or to take self portraits.
I also purchased another of these US$30. radio remotes for my Nikon. On the Nikon it plugs into the 4-pin connector. I believe the D-50 has the same connector on the camera body. The Canon has a small Mini stereo plug (same as stereo headphones).
There is conflicting reviews on the new G-11 which was just released. Not many people like it so if you want a G10 you should check it out before everyone is sold out. The S90 does not have a place to plug in a remote plug.
The G10 has full manual control. Of course there is minimal shutter lag, but if you manually focus then the shutter will release instantly.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

bobskoot said...


here is the same one I have from the same seller.


disclaimer: while I have purchased two of these units from this seller, I do not know him, i do not profit from referrals and I do not get commission for my referrals. All I can say is that these units work as advertised and he ships promptly. You will get a smooth transaction

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

PS: to Irondad: I also purchased the one for my D80 with the Nikon 4-pin connector. I believe that it will also fit your D50. Check your camera body for a flat 4-pin connector, sort of like a circuit board under the plastic flap.

Charlie6 said...

thanks for the links and info Bobskoot! Got to go shopping I guess.

Irondad.....what's this "lying in wait" light predator? I think a more fitting term would be "riding in wait" predator?