Sunday, November 01, 2009

Playing in the melting snow

Yesterday was a bright and warm day here in Colorado. The big snow storm was now history and the snow was rapidly melting everywhere. It was mostly gone from the main roads and just clumps and piles remained in the neighborhood streets.

Now, some of the neighborhood streets were more ice/snow packed than others and they were much fun to cruise through on my Ural Natasha as I went about running errands and such.

Some of the roads were wet with melted snow, resulting in lots of road spray which dirtied Natasha from the bath I gave her yesterday. Oh well! At least I got most of the magnesium chloride off her I think.

I went to work to retrieve some stuff and on the way back I stopped at my usual undeveloped cul-de-sac housing development and posed Natasha for pictures. I had intended to get onto the snow-covered grassy areas but it was deep snow with muddy grass underneath. A quick probe with the Ural indicated it would be a bad idea and I quickly backed out.

That's the Rocky Mountains in the background, the big mountain in the center is Mt. Evans. You can ride all the way to the top when its open.

I had more fun riding through the snowy remnants on the neighborhood side streets near my house. People on the sidewalks would stop and watch in amusement as I rode by with a big old grin on my face.

My wife was out in the garage as I returned to the house so I did a couple of quick circles of the cul-de-sac, purposely going through the thicker patches of snow/ice which still remain. Lots of fun!


Richard Machida said...

Wow, that does look like fun. I think I "need" to find a sidecar...

LumpyCam said...

Sounds like a blast, and a great bike for the weather!

cpa3485 said...

Just like a little kid, aren't you!
Looks like a lot of fun!

Charlie6 said...

Richard, in the part of the empire you live in, you really really could use a sidecar! Of course, then there's no excuses for not riding everyday unless of course the snow is high enough to high-center your rig. ; )

Lumpycam, thanks for reading this stuff.

cpa3485, and your point is? : )