Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday's Sunrise

It's Monday! May you be able to ride every day this week.....

Sunrise was not till 6:35 AM today. I was able to leave the house at 6:13 and was at work before 6:30, ready with Natasha posed for this sunrise picture.

I have "discovered" that my 12 year old camera has a "bracket" shooting mode. Amazing what happens when you find and READ the manual. It allows me to shoot a sequence of 3 to 5 shots simply by holding down the shutter release. You can set it for 1.0 difference in exposure, or .7 or I went for the .7 difference between three shots. Sure beats going into manual mode, and doing it manually while trying to remember which button does what! : )

Gentle Reminder: Wednesday is Veteran's Day. Please fly the National Colors at your home in honor of Veterans everywhere. I hope to be able to ride to Staff Sergeant Joiner's grave at Fort Logan to pay my respects.

Have a great riding week....

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