Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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I'd read Oisin Hughes', yes that's his real name....he jokes that his mother was dropping LSD when she thought of it....travelogue before and now he's on the road again, this time apparently going round the world instead of just riding the American continent.

His first blogging adventure: 30,000 Miles on 2 Wheels where he rides from Nova Scotia down to the tip of Argentina was quite the read and I really liked the "colorful" descriptions he used to describe the experiences he encounters while riding from one country to the next.

Now, he's at at month four or so of a planned trip around the world, lucky bastard. He last posted an entry from Columbia and he is apparently doing well in spite of some colorfully detailed events.

Highly recommended reading for riders who someday dream of riding further than their own's country's borders. Specially on those snowy/icy days when you don't have a working Ural sidecar rig in your garage.....

Here's some excerpts I found amusing and which in a way reminded me somewhat of Mr Riepe's storytelling abilities:

On his trying to wash his underwear and get it dried out by draping it on a lamp:

I tried to wash at least a pair of cacks and socks and dry them on the lights but the lights were all energy saver type, more heat in a mouse fart.

What happened after eating what the locals ate in Mexico:

The grub pretty much made like a bobsleigh as it cascaded from one orifice to the other.... Neither of us slept very well and both pretty much blew out an O-Ring this morning.

He is traveling with no tools and unable to find some once he realizes they might come in handy:

I checked my Spanish phrase book and not unsurprisingly any words to do with tools; adjustable spanner, screwdriver, leatherman were all in short supply. I went around and asked a few locals where I could buy some tools, describing tools by making a screwdriver action with my hands, or a spanner action. They kept saying to me this place called Romero. It was a clothing store, I couldn’t figure out what about the actions I was doing led people to believe I wanted to get some clothes.

So, you get the idea, check out his current travels at: BacktoBroke, it'll be worth your time I think. I've added him to the list of bloggers I track.

He shoots some marvelous photography as well:

Source: Oisin's posting of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

Source: Posting while in Montana

Here's Oisin, while at Chichen Itza, Mexico

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