Monday, January 26, 2009

Safety Gear: Leatt Brace

I read this webbikeworld article and became intrigued as to the protection potential of this motorcycling neck brace, their Adventure model is currently offered at quite the reasonable price of $225 per their website: LINK

Photo from webbikeworld

Here's the summary from the webbikeworld review:
Modern motorcyclists have a great range of choices when it comes to helmets, body armor, back protectors and the like, but choices in neck protection systems have so far been limited.

The Leatt Brace offers a comfortable, flexible neck protection solution created by a motorbiking neurosurgeon.

Please follow this link for their full review. I checked out the manufacturer's website after reading the review and that's how I found out about their new model, the Adventure, which is probably the one I'd buy if I was to be convinced it's usable/comfortable as a daily wear article when I ride. More research is in order.


Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see you wearing that on the little beemer. A bit like a knight in a suit of armor riding a donkey.

redlegsrides said...


I'll admit it does raise the dorkiness appearance level....