Friday, January 09, 2009

Future Training

One of the things I'd planned on doing this year was taking the Experienced Rider training course to see what they could teach me, and to probably re-learn some of the stuff from the Basic Rider Course I took back in May of 2006.

Since that fateful day when I first swung a leg over a motorcycle, I've racked up over 49K miles on my motorcycles, mostly on Maria the R1150RT Beemer, so I think I qualify for the experienced part of the requirements. They actually just require the Motorcycle endorsement on one's driver's license and a year's experience riding.

Cost is $100 for Colorado residents, $125 for non-residents. It's done under the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) auspices by ABATE of Colorado. LINK.

While researching folks that offered the above training, I found out that ABATE also offers Sidecar Rider training! It's a bit pricey at $275 for residents but I figure its cheaper than wrecking one's sidecar rig while trying to learn how to safely ride it on one's own. So if I ever find and buy a sidecar rig, this training will be part of the admission price for me.

Somewhere in my future, is a sidecar similar to the one above. This one is made by Texas Sidecars. LINK

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Unknown said...

WOW A sidecar like that and you become my new best buddy!