Friday, January 09, 2009

Published in the BMWMOA Owner News

Well, it took over a year since I submitted it for publishing but the Owner News Magazine folks of the BMW Owners Association to which I belong, did publish my first overnight motorcycling trip that I did back in October of 2007.

I'd had Maria for about a year at that point and the planets lined up correctly (to paraphrase Jeff Munn) leaving me an opportunity to ride down to Monument Valley in Arizona by way of the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado.

Here's a link to the blog posting, some of the shots therein made it into the magazine article. LINK

Here's the pictures that made it into the article:

The start of the Million Dollar Highway

Million Dollar Highway, between Ouray and Durango

North side of Molas Pass, CO

Mexican Hat Rock Formation

Gooseneck State Park

This is the opening credit picture for the article, which had caught my eye as I was perusing the magazine. It had been so long since I'd submitted the article that I'd given up on having it published. The first thought that came to mind when I saw this picture was, ironically: "Dang, someone used my picture for their own stuff!".

On US106 enroute to Kayenta, AZ from Teec Nos Pos

There's more shots in the blog link above if you're interested. What a nice way to end what had been a pretty boring week in terms of riding, just commuting back and forth to work.

04FEB09 Update: I asked for and received a pdf version of my article from the editor of the BMWMOA ON Magazine, so if you want to read the actual published article, go here: LINK


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

Congratulations on getting your article published in the MOA Owners News! I have yet to get this month's issue, and haven't seen it. I look forward to reading it.

I like the straightforward writing style you use in your blog and rather imagine your article was written in a similar vein.

Isn't this the second time you've been published in the magazine, though? I seem to recall they ran a picture of your bike in one issue.

Once again, congratulations.

Fondest regards,

Anonymous said...

Redleg, congrats on your article getting published, funny how when you summit stuff to mags, sometimes its years before it goes to print, or not at all, easy to forget about it, then all of a sudden there is your stuff. Great work and keep it up..
Electra Glide In Blue

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Jack, yep I've had pictures published before but this was my first article.

I just found the 1st article I read written by you, chinese takeout in your topcase, yum!



redlegsrides said...

my68flh, thanks for your kind words. I really had given up on seeing that article published.

I like the name of your blog, saw the movie a few weeks back, those Harleys did just fine in the dirt didn't they?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your article. Your blog is one that I've added to my list of must reads.

As a rider in New England, I ride until the roads freeze. But I've always felt it's better to be in the truck wishing I was on the bike, than to be on the bike wishing I was in the truck.

Keep up the writing, I'll keep on reading.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dom,
I too served in the Field Artillery and consider myself a Redleg. I noticed you have a unit sticker on the side of your saddlebags in one of the pictures published in the BMWMOA article. Which FA unit is it?

Jim Wimberley said...

Dear Dom,
Being a Redleg as well I saw in your article a picture with a FA unit crest stuck on your bike's side case. I enjoyed your article. I have traveled the same roads in pursuit of the 50 pass bagger badge given by the Colorado BMW club. Keep writing more about your travels as I enjoy reading about the experiences you have riding in the Rockies.

redlegsrides said...

Daviddz, thanks for the kind words.

Jim, greetings from a fellow redleg....I was C/3-27FAR (MLRS), the sticker you saw was that regiment. I miss command some days....


redlegsrides said...

PJWimber, aka jim wimberly?

anyways, the crest is of the 27th Field Artillery Regiment (MLRS). "Conjuncti Stamus" or United We Stand.

tz said...


Jim Wimberley said...

Dear Dom,
I am Jim Wimberley aka pjwimber and have enjoyed reading your blog. If you receive multiple messages feel free to delete as I am just getting started posting to blogs. I am interested in reading more about your 50 pass bagger quest.

redlegsrides said...

TZ, thanks

Jim Wimberly, now that I have a bike that can handle dirt better than my RT, I expect to rack up more passes for the bagger award. Just search for the word bagger in the blog for postings related to it.