Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Break in the Clouds

We in the Denver Metro area woke to heavily overcast skies with a few openings in the clouds letting the bright sun through.

I was wandering about the neighborhoods SW of my home neighborhood. Basically centered on the intersection of Parker Rd and Arapahoe Road. I spotted one large opening in the overcast covering the city, located right on the mountains of the front range:

Being on the east side of the Denver Metro area and not having more than a couple of hours of riding time due to family commitments, the above view is the closest I could get using my camera.

I meandered through the Town of Foxfield, which is really a neighborhood built on ranch land. The houses have decent amount of land around them for the most part. The town is on land that is slightly higher than Parker Road itself and so it afforded me some semi-decent locations upon which to pose Brigitta.

That's Pike's Peak, way off in the distance

As you can see in the shots, we've got some incoming weather moving in. Looked like rain clouds beginning to dump some rain maybe snow as well.

Got home a bit after 11AM, my heated grips working fine once again and an afternoon of reading Ed Culberson's "Obsessions Die Hard" book ahead of me. The book is about his traversing the infamous Darien's Gap on the Pan American Highway. I believe he was the first motorcyclist to do so by the way.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

My Christmas present from my significant other this year was a Russell Day Long Seat, which she ordered with the heated option. I'm hoping that that this modification to the bike will not only ease the pain in my back and legs, but also provide with an amenity for the cold weather.

I had a CenTech fuse box wired into the bike from Tom Cutter and the 1.5 amp from the sea should be no problem. Maybe I'll get a few more rides in with a warmer, more comfortable butt.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

irondad said...

I saw Denver on the news last night. Looks like the weather moved in. Cars were following snow plows during the morning commute. Stay warm and safe!