Friday, January 30, 2009

Going home by way of Louviers

I was able to leave work around 2:30PM or so today so elected to go home the long way.

I visit a honda shadow forum discussion forum regularly, looking for new pictures from John, aka Sanke, my solo riding/exploring mentor. Recently, he'd posted a picture of a treehouse he'd found and had asked me if I knew where it was.

I was stumped and asked for a hint, the hint he gave me was enough for me to guess right after some googling. I had then decided to find this tree house for myself and finish off the posting with my response to his "challenge". All in fun.

So I slab it from the Denver Tech Center down to C-470 via I-25 Southbound. I took C-470 west towards US85 which I took southbound until I got to the turnoff for the small town of Louviers. Louviers is an old company town, used to be part of the complex for an old dynamite plant owned by Dupont. All that remains is quaint houses along orderly streets with lots of old trees throughout the town.

Took me a few minutes but I did end up finding the treehouse:

Here's the picture that Sanoke had posted in the honda shadow forum:

That's Sanoke's motorcycle, here's a link to the posting

As you can see, things were much easier for me than they probably were for Sanoke when he took his picture!

After Louviers, I continued southbound on US85 until I reached Sedalia. I turned off here and took the Rio Grande Avenue turnoff in town to do some exploring. It had looked promising on the map but a few miles in it became private roads and I had to turn back.

I did however spot this rustic looking barn near Sedalia on Rio Grande Avenue and posed Brigitta accordingly:

You can see we were having beautifully sunny skies and temperatures were in the mid to low 50s throughout my afternoon riding. It had been in the mid to high 20s during the morning commute but even then it wasn't too bad if you had the right gear.

Once back on US85, I rode along it to the town of Castlerock, from there it was the Crowfoot Parkway back to the town of Parker. I continued past Parker, using Parker Road until I got to Aurora and Arapahoe Road. Heading east on Arapahoe, I soon got to Liverpool and my home neighborhoods. About two hours of riding and a bit over twice the distance I normally commute home from the DTC. Good ride.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to be even warmer, probably the high 50s to low 60s and sunny. Guess what I'll be doing? :)

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