Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is why I try to do all maintenance work on my motorcycles

While saving the labor costs associated with services and general maintenance tasks on my motorcycles is the main reason I do them. Sure, I could let the Beemer dealer's mechanics do them and just enjoy riding the bikes but....

When I do the services/maintenance tasks, I know they're done, done on time and done right and under no time crunch at the dealer trying to get everyone's bikes fixed.

They're my bikes so I take the extra step, the extra time and extra effort to do the task right. Sure, I'm slower than a trained mechanic but I am sure I care more about the results than that mechanic.

When there's several things to be done, I know ALL will be done; sometimes I've had doubts about this being the same at a dealer's shop. Sure, I was charged for a service, but in one case, I don't believe it was done....can't prove it but doing it myself, I've only me to blame.

Today I found the voltmeter I'd installed months ago, just hanging free from its wire connections. Apparently whomever replaced my fairing panels "neglected" to secure it back where it had been behind the speaker grid! Inexcusable on his part, inexcusable on mine to not have noticed that when I took receipt of the bike. Yes, I've been riding Brigitta more than Maria but really, I should have checked.

So, trust but verify.....the Gipper's words once again are on my mind.

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Derek said...

I've also had times where I've paid for something that I do not believe was completed. I'll often perform the basic service myself. But I've got enough sense to know the limits of my skills. I'll push beyond them when I'm comfortable and when I'm not, I'll find a shop, usually small, that treats me like I'm human. If they treat me with respect, they'll more than likely handle my machine with care.