Friday, August 15, 2008

Discovering a New Motorcycling Blog

Today I was reading through the AUG 08 edition of the BMW Owner's News magazine. I read with much delight a trip report by Jack Riepe on his riding group's recent trip in New Jersey to seek a meal of that uniquely Scottish dish: Haggis.

Jack Riepe is a professional writer and quite entertaining in the way he comments on life in general but with a motorcycling influence. I highly recommend you check out his blog: LINK.

The article in the BMW Owner's News magazine had me laughing out loud in his vivid description of a bump-starting of a GS situation they encountered while on the road trip. My kids ran over and asked me why I was laughing in such a loud and maniacal fashion, very unusual for me I assure you. I read the article to them and it was so well written that even they got the humor of the situation and laughed at the appropriate times. This is unusual for them when it comes to my kind of humor!

His review of the movie "The Long Way Down" was outstanding, much better than mine. Read his to see what you really missed and some amusing commentary of his own thrown in.

Again, go read the man's blog, I know you'll find it a good use of your time, unless of course you were going to be riding your motorcycle instead. Jack Riepe would understand, and so would I.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Dom:

I am rather flattered to find myself the subject of someone else's blog. The truth of the matter is that a writer seldom knows who's reading his stuff or if they actually like it. You took the guess work out of it for me today, and succeeded in becoming the high point of my week at the same time.

I specialize in corporate and political public relations for the transportation lobby by day, writing congressional testimony, speeches, feature stories and quotes. This is the kind of tripe that breaks a man's heart. I write about motorcycles at night.

So I called an editor who's like a thorn in the testicles of life, and read her your blog entry on me today. She accused you of being my cousin. It is an honor for me that serious riders (like yourself) and serious wrenches get a laugh from my stuff. Someday I will get out to Colorado, and I'll look you up. It would be a thrill to ride with you.

Our next Haggis ride is scheduled for September 13, 2008. Join us if you can.

Thank you again for your kind note.
Jack Riepe
Mac-Pac/Twisted Roads
West Chester, Pa

Charlie6 said...


Thanks for the kind invite to the next Haggis Ride, while the objective sounds less than tempting to my finicky tastes, the company would surely be entertaining.

Re that editor, tell her I meant every word....she can ask me herself! Critics, aren't they like # 2 behind lawyers in the "who do we kill off first" list? : )

For sure if you or the other members of the Mac-Pac are out this way, we must do a ride or two. That'd be great.