Sunday, August 03, 2008

S Fairing Project - The Painting

A hot weekend here in Denver, although I did ride both days, they were short rides to run errands and do some work.

Instead, I worked on my R80. Tried a couple more times to secure the loose end of the mounting pin for the carburetor floats, all I did was cause it to overflow. Gave up on that for now, and instead, concentrated on making sure the other end did not come out so easily. After some thought, used one single strand from some electric wire, to "snug up" the hole through which the knurled end is secured. Seems tighter now. 04AUG08: update: Had to remove the strand of wire, it caused the carb to leak fuel on the ride into work this morning. Big hassle, must get a new carburetor body it seems.

I also did the initial first coat of heat resistant black glossy paint on the engine guards I got from Patrick of Aspen. Thanks again Patrick! I got a bit over-eager and had some paint runs, will have to wet-sand them away before I can do the second coat. I have to wait 24 hrs for the paint to cure first.

Then, I masked and prepped the S Fairing I got from John C. of the BMWMOA for painting. Following shots show the fairing as it received coat after coat of Glossy Black Acrylic Automotive Paint. I hope it turns out ok once it dries and cures which will take seven days. Then a few coats of clearcoat and it should be ready for mounting.

Before the Painting

First Coat (Light)

Second Coat (Light)

Third Coat (Medium Wet)

Fourth Coat (Heavy Wet)

Fifth Coat (Heavy Wet)

Sixth and Last Coat (Heavy Wet)

I'll probably have to try and do some light wet-sanding as well on the fairing where "orange peel" may develop once the paint dries. Took me 2 full cans and a bit more to get to the sixth coat and perfect the paint application pattern. Not too bad if it turns out OK.

I've ordered the mounting hardware and it should be here within two weeks I am told by the Beemer dealer. A bit pricey but it includes the stock windshield and all the related hardware.

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