Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rainproof Brigitta? Perhaps.

Last night I rode into work in the midst of a light shower. I had to participate in a change at the datacenter that would run till 0400 today.

The light rain was actually nice and cooling as it had been a hot and muggy day, for Colorado anyways. I found it quite refreshing and it did not rain hard enough to cause vision issues. I soon rode through the rain and the streets were dry by the time I got to work.

It rained on and off through the rest of the night on Brigitta and I was so busy at work I completely forgot to worry whether she'd start up again when next I saw her.

This worry returned as I walked to her after the change, it was 0400 in the morning and quite cool and wet out in the parking lot.

I tried starting her on half choke setting and it didn't fire her up. I cycled the ignition key one more time, this time engaged full choke and after a few cranks of the starter she fired right up! I closed off the choke and let her warm up as I prepared to ride. I was a happy camper.

The fact she'd been sitting out in rain all night was no issue this time. She held idle just fine once she was warmed up and I encountered none of the issues I had encountered in my previous ride in the rain. Now given, it had rained much harder the previous time, still I'll take her condition as a good sign.

Here she sits in the garage tonight, all cleaned up from her riding in the rain.


Becky said...

I have to admit Brigitta is one of the most lovely cycles I've ever seen. She has so much character, and there isn't another one like her. I'll bet you get alot of looks from the ladies...


Charlie6 said...


oh yeah, lot of looks, usually along the lines of "damn he's got to be cooking wearing all that gear!"

thanks re your comment about Brigitta, she's quite easy on the eyes.

Doug C said...

Don't you just love those on the weekend or over night maintenance windows in the data center? At least we try not to schedule them on holidays.

Its really great to hear about both your challenges and successes with Brigitta. Inspires me to learn more of my Lady's maintenance tasks.