Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big Dog Ride

No, I didn't ride in it as my motorcycles are more street-oriented than the tough looking motorcycles I saw at the BMW of Denver dealer's parking lot where I was dropping off Maria to have her replacement fairings put on.

From their website: LINK

The BIG DOG RIDE is a BMW "Invitational Ride" for owners of BMW G/S and GS model motorcycles. It is neither a race nor a rally. It is an annual gathering of a fraternity of BMW aficionados of G/S and GS styled motorcycles that mutually appreciate riding their motorcycles with like minded philosophers in the best environment for on and off-road riding in the world, the Rocky Mountains of North America.

As I was waiting on my loving wife to come pick me up from the dealer, I walked by each of the participant motorcycles, admiring their lines and gear and protection devices. As I said, very tough looking motorcycles, perhaps someday I'll own a R100GS.

Above and below, Clem, the vintage mechanic's GS

BMW's new HP Moto

A customized R100GS

Another R100GS, with extra load capacity

Even a Kawasaki KLR showed up for the ride

a very clean GS Airhead I've seen at work

Sorry for the picture quality, I only had my phone's camera with me.

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Anonymous said...

Snow,ice, rain, and at least three police stops met the BIG DOGS as they hammered passes like Mosquito. The BIG DOG RIDE guys are one tough bunch. Next year they will celebrate 20 BIG DOG RIDES. Aug. 13-16. Check with BMW of Denver is you think you have the "Ride stuff." is their web home.