Thursday, May 08, 2008

An Unexpected Contact

I was at home doing some work on this blog and my cellphone rang. I did not recognize the number so almost didn't answer it. I am glad that I did.

It was a guy named Tim, he identified himself as the guy who'd ended up buying the 2006 Honda Shadow Aero that I'd previously owned and had used as a trade-in for Maria, my 2004 R1150RT Beemer!

Her name was Gretl, I wonder what Tim will name her?

He'd tracked me down through my having put my name and cellphone number in the owners manual. He's been exploring his "new to him" motorcycle and he had a question about the blinker buddy device I'd placed under the seat of the Aero.

I explained the blinker buddy's function, talked about some of the other farkles I'd installed on the Aero such as the modulating headlight, flashing brakelight, fusebox, heated grips and such. Apparently the dealer had disconnected all the non-stock items over the winter so it would not drain the battery. I told Tim I'd hooked everything up to the fuse box which itself was hooked to a switched power circuit so no fear of draining the battery.

Tim is like I was two years ago, just beginning to get into motorcycling and buying a good starter motorcycle like I had. He plans on sticking with it for a couple of years and see how it all works out at that point.

We had a nice conversation, I sent him pictures I'd taken of the Aero and the blinker buddy install. I really hope he has as much fun as I did on that motorcycle. They still have a lot of snow around apparently though, him being in South Dakota and all.

Ride Safe Tim, I know you'll have a blast on that Honda.

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