Saturday, May 17, 2008

A More Robust Mounting System for the Nokia N800

I received the Nokia N800 Car Holder from ProClip today, decently priced item but shipping was a bit over the top. I'd received the RAM Mount Combination a day or so earlier so I spent about 30 minutes or so after lunch mounting them onto the BMR Shelf on Maria.

The "universal" PDA holder which had been claimed to hold a N800 had finally failed. Part of the mounting bracket to the actual holder had broken, too much time in the sun and its UV rays I am guessing. The adjustable bracket mechanism had been balky at best before that so the breakage finally got me off my cheap butt and I ordered decent gear this time.

A few holes drilled into the BMR Shelf, a little locktite for the nuts holding down the screws and I was done:

I applied some duct tape in the grooves to make it a snug hold on the Nokia

Turn the handle, pack the whole thing up, except for the base mount, during stops if needed.

Now I can adjust the viewing angle with ease to prevent sun glare and reflections. I hope to get a ride in this evening towards Garden of the Gods and catch the rocks at sunset so it'll be a good test for the mount/holder as well. It's rock solid once you tighten down the locking handle.

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